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Investment Statement

Pembroke College has a portfolio valued at 30th June 2018 of £88.2m (audited) and it is made up as follows:

Cash 6.7
M&G Securities Short-Dated bonds 2.6
GMO Global Equity Allocation Investment fund 5.6
Vanguard Developed World ex-UK equity index fund 6.3
Quilter Cheviot UK based equities 7.7
Cambridge University Endowment Fund 18.5
Shares in UK private company 0.6
Charities Property Fund 4.3
Clipstone REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) 2.5
Clipstone Industrial Unit Fund 3.3
Loans to Fellows (declared as benefits in kind) 1.0
Morgan Stanley private equity fund 0.2
Cambridge Associates venture capital funds I and II 0.4
NVP IV venture capital fund 0.2
Agricultural land (Cambridgeshire) 9.3
Commercial property (shops in Cambridge) 2.6
Residential property (houses in Cambridge, varied use) 16.4
Total 88.2