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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (OA5-OA9)

OA5 to OA9: Procedures for Redundancy of Academic Staff

OA7.1 (1) A potential situation for redundancy arises where the Fellowship Committee has decided that there should be a reduction by way of redundancy in the academic staff either of the College as a whole, or of any area of academic work within the College.
(2) Before reaching such a decision, the Committee shall consult with all those who would be affected.
(3) If the Fellowship Committee so recommends, the Society shall (a) constitute an Appeal Panel; and (b) decide whether the College should declare a redundancy situation; and (c) identify the criteria for selection.
OA7.2 (1) Where the Society has reached a decision under OA7.1, it shall instruct the Master to select the requisite members of the academic staff for dismissal by reason of redundancy. (2) Regulations shall set out the procedure that the Master should follow in reaching his decision under OA 7.2(1).
(3) The decision of the Master shall be approved by the Fellowship Committee.
(4) Regulations shall prescribe the form of notice to be given to the individual who is dismissed by reason of redundancy
OA8 (1) A member of the academic staff who wishes to appeal against a decision under OA7 to dismiss him or her shall inform the President within 10 working days of the notification of the decision.
(2) Regulations shall set out the procedures to be followed by the Appeal Panel.