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Part VII: Grievance Procedure

SA22. Grievance Procedure

(1) The Society shall by Ordinance promulgate a Grievance Procedure for members of staff and in doing so shall have regard to Section 2 of the ACAS Code of Practice (as may be amended or replaced from time to time) referred to in SA11 above.
(2) Subject to sub-clause (3) the Procedure shall apply to grievances raised by members of staff concerning their employment, which relate to themselves as individuals or their personal dealings or relationships with other staff of the College.
(3) The Procedure shall not apply (a) to grievances for which provision is made elsewhere in this Statute or (b) in respect of the outcome of any matter dealt with under this Statute or (c) where the Society has prescribed other procedures.
(4) The Procedure shall provide that consideration of a complaint under the Procedure may be deferred if other proceedings under this Statute concerning the individual and relevant to the application are pending or in progress.
(5) The Procedure shall provide for the fair and speedy resolution of complaints, informally wherever possible, and for the complainant to be entitled to be assisted by a friend or representative at any hearings prior to that under sub-clause (6) below.
(6) The Procedure sha1l make provision for a member of staff who is dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint to be able to have the complaint heard by a Grievance Panel unless the complaint has been ruled frivolous, vexatious or invalid in accordance with the Procedure.

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