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Regulations to the 2009 Statutes (RA5-RA9)

The following Regulations were made at the College Meeting of 3 March 2009 under the authority of Statute S2.4.

RA5 to RA9: Redundancy

RA7.1 (1) In determining whether a redundancy is necessary, the Master shall give notice to all members of academic staff potentially affected. He shall invite them to make observations to the Fellowship Committee.
(2) The Committee shall consider the written or oral observations of those members potentially affected by any redundancy. RA4.1 applies to such proceedings.
(3) If the Fellowship Committee recommends a redundancy, the President and those affected by the potential redundancy shall nominate members of an Appeal Panel in accordance with Statute SA4. The members of this Panel shall take no part in any deliberations of the Fellowship Committee or of the College Meeting relating to the declaration of redundancy nor shall they count towards the quorum.
RA7.2 (1) Once the Society has declared a redundancy under Ordinance OA7.1, the Master shall select the individuals for redundancy according the criteria approved by the Society.
(2) The Master shall write to the individuals affected and invite them to make representations in writing or orally. He shall notify them of their right to be accompanied under RA4.1.
(3) The Fellowship Committee shall determine whether to approve the Master's decision to make a member of staff redundant.
RA7.3 (1) Where the Master has made a selection and the Fellowship Committee has approved it, the Master is authorised to dismiss any member of the academic staff so selected.
(2) Each member of the academic staff selected shall be given separate notice of the selection.
(3) Each separate notice shall sufficiently identify the circumstances which have satisfied the Master acting on behalf of the Society that the intended dismissal is reasonable and in particular shall include -
    (a) a summary of the action taken by the Society under OA7.1;
    (b) an account of the selection processes used;
    (c) a reference to the rights of the person notified to appeal against the notice and to the time within which any such appeal is to be lodged under SA8 of Appendix A of the Statutes; and
    (d) a statement as to when the intended dismissal is to take effect. RA8.1 The Appeal Panel shall be composed under the provisions of O2.5(2)(p) and SA4(1).