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Part VIII: The Master

SA23. Complaints against and removal of the Master

(1) The Society shall by Ordinance prescribe a procedure for dealing with complaints against the Master, including the removal of the Master for good cause, viz. any of the grounds set out in SA9 above.
(2) The procedure shall involve a fair and appropriate procedure and shall include
   (a) a review of the existence of a prima facie case;
   (b) a hearing by a specially constituted Tribunal appointed by the Society, which shall consist of three persons who are not Fellows of the College and are not employed by the College as follows:
         (i) one person who holds or has held judicial office or who is a barrister or solicitor of at least ten years' standing, who shall be Chairman; and
         (ii) two other persons;
         (iii) in a case concerning the incapacity of the Master one of the persons mentioned in (ii) shall be appropriately medically qualified
   (b) a right of appeal against the finding of, or outcome imposed by, the Tribunal. An appeal shall not take the form of a re-hearing of the evidence and witnesses may be called only with the appeal panel's permission.
(3) If the Tribunal finds that the complaint constitutes good cause for dismissal, the President, having consulted the Society, may dismiss the Master.

Ordinances to SA23