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Regulations to the 2009 Statutes (RA1-RA6)

The following Regulations were made at the College Meeting of 3 March 2009 under the authority of Statute S2.4.

RA1 to RA6: General Provisions

RA4. Hearing, appeal and grievance panels

RA4.1 In any proceedings involving redundancy (OA7 and OA8), dismissal (OA10, OA12, and OA21), non-renewal of a fixed-term contract (OA19) or an initial service review (OA20), the member of academic staff affected may be accompanied by another employee of the College or of the University or by a trade union official. The accompanying person may speak on behalf of a member of academic staff at the hearing.
RA4.2 The members of an Appeal Panel shall not take part in the deliberations of any meeting of the Society or any committee relating to the matter which may come before them by way of appeal, nor shall they count towards the quorum of such a meeting