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Regulations to the 2009 Statutes (RA22)

The following Regulations were made at the College Meeting of 3 March 2009 under the authority of Statute S2.4.

RA22: Grievance Procedure

RA22.2 The Grievance Officer shall be the Senior Tutor, unless another person is appointed by the Society.
RA22.3 (1) If it appears to the Grievance Officer that there are grounds for believing that the grievance may be well founded, he or she shall inquire into the matter. He or she shall try to resolve the matter informally and may seek assistance from another member of the Society or any other person. If the matter cannot be resolved informally and grievance officer concludes after investigation that the grievance is well founded, he or she shall recommend an appropriate form of redress to the Master.
(2) The Master shall notify the person against whom a complaint is made of the steps that he or she must take to redress the grievance and of a right of appeal.
(3) Either the complainant or the person against whom the complaint is made may appeal against the decision of the Master made under subsection (1) above. The appellant shall notify the President within 10 working days of the notification of that decision. The President shall then constitute a Grievance Panel under O2(5)(2)(n).
(4) The Grievance Panel has the power to substitute a form of redress for that set out by the Master.