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Statute 11: Transitional Provisions

S11.1 Except as provided in section S11.2, the rights to tenure and emoluments of any person holding a Fellowship at the date on which these Statutes come into force shall thereafter be governed by these statutes.
S11.2 Those Fellows who have rights governed by Statutes of the College made before 1990 shall retain those rights under the present Statutes unless he or she consents to have those rights governed by these present Statutes. Such consent shall be notified to the Master in writing and reported to the Society in a College meeting.


S11.3 The following concluding Exhortation, taken from the ancient Statutes, shall remain on the Statute Book of the College:
Postremo, omnes hujus Collegii Socios et Studiosos vehementer in Domino hortamur, ut, memores beneficiorum quae hujus rei gratia a Domino acceperunt, optimis studiis et omni pietati se totos consecrent; Statuta nostra diligenter et fideliter observent, nullam callidam aut sinistram interpretationem contra ipsorum sensum adhibeant, sed firma ac rata habeant, suam et Ecclesiae Dei utilitatem quaerentes, et omnes conatus ad Domini ac Servatoris nostri gloriam illustrandam conferentes; cui cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu sit omnis honor, gloria, et imperium in saecula saeculorum.