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Statute 2: Government of the College

S2.1 The government of the College shall be vested in the Society, who shall exercise the powers of the College and have control over its affairs.
S2.2 (1)   The powers conferred on the Society by these statutes shall be exercised by or under the direction of the Society in College Meeting.
(2)   A College Meeting shall be held at least once a year other than for the purpose set out in S8.6.
(3)   The principal rules for the calling and conduct of a College Meeting shall be prescribed by Ordinance. Other rules may be laid down in Regulation.
S2.3 The Society shall have power to make Ordinances as required by these Statutes. Ordinances shall be passed by a majority of those present and voting at a College Meeting called for the purpose, comprising over half the members of the Society.
S2.4 The Society shall have power to make Regulations for the day-to-day government of the College. Regulations shall be passed by a majority of those present and voting at a College Meeting, comprising at least one-third of the members of the Society. Ordinances shall prescribe the procedure for making Regulations. Ordinances

The Society in College Meeting may create committees and determine their membership, competence and powers. It may delegate to any committee or officer any power other than:
a. the election, continuance in office or removal of the Master or of the Visitor;
b. the creation, suspension or removal of any category of Fellow;
c. the making of Ordinances and Regulations;
d. and the receipt and approval of audited accounts. Such delegation may include the power to decide to sell or to purchase property.

S2.6 Ordinances may provide for attendance by and voting rights for student representatives at the College Meeting. Ordinances shall prescribe the voting rights of such representatives and the reserved business, if any, of the College Meeting for which the student representatives either may not be present or may not vote.
S2.7 The Common Seal of the College shall not be affixed except in pursuance of an order of the Society. A delegation under S2.5 to affix the Common Seal must specify the transactions in relation to which the delegation applies. The Society shall prescribe by Ordinance the signatories required for an instrument to which the Seal is affixed.