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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O2.2)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

O2.2 (1) Except as otherwise provided in these Ordinances, a College Meeting shall be summoned by the Master. (2) A College meeting shall be held once a year on 9th October (St. Denys's Day) or on a day within a fortnight preceding or following that date. (3) Except as provided in S2.2 (2) (annual meeting) and S8.6 (audit meeting), a College Meeting shall be summoned whenever the Master thinks fit. (4) Not less than seven clear days' notice shall be given of any College Meeting at which the business is to include: (a) any consideration or decision under S3.1 (4) (election of the Visitor), S4.2 (election of the Master), or the election of Fellows or College Officers, or the exercise of powers under Appendix A; or (b) the approval of audited accounts under S8.6 (3); or (c) the making or amendment of an Ordinance. (5) Where three members of the Society so request in writing, the Master and any other person having power to do so shall summon a College Meeting. If no such meeting is summoned within seven days, any three members of the Society may summon the meeting. (6) The quorum at a College Meeting shall be one half of all the members of the Society (i.e. the quorum does not include the student representatives). For the purpose of determining a quorum at a College Meeting those Fellows on leave and those who have recused themselves because of a conflict of interest shall not be included. (7) The Master shall preside at College Meetings. If the Master is absent, the President or, in his or her absence, the Senior Fellow present shall preside. (8) The conduct of College Meetings shall be prescribed in Regulations. Those Regulations shall include rules on conflicts of interest affecting members of the College Meeting. (9) Minutes shall be kept of proceedings at College Meetings.