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Regulations to the 2009 Statutes (R2.2)

The following Regulations were made at the College Meeting of 3 March 2009 under the authority of Statute S2.4.

R2.2 (1) A College Meeting shall be summoned by sending a notice in writing to every member of the Society. (2) All correspondence relating to College Meetings may be sent to a member of the Society at the College unless he or she has notified the Treasurer of any other address. (3) Unless otherwise provided in Statutes or Ordinances, any matter for decision at a College Meeting shall be determined in accordance with the votes of a majority of those present and voting. In the event of equality, the person presiding shall have a second vote. (4) A member of the Society shall not be present at a College Meeting or a meeting of a committee during the consideration of or decision on any proposal (a) for his or her continuance in or removal from the Mastership; (b) for his or her continuance in or removal from a Fellowship; (c) for granting him or her of leave of absence; (d) for his or her appointment or re-appointment to, or removal from, a College office; or (e) for any matter in which he or she has a material interest which conflicts with the interests of the College. (5)  (a) On election or re-election, Fellows shall register their material interests with the Bursar who shall record that information in a register. (b) Fellows shall notify the Bursar of any new material interest that occurs during their membership of the Society. (c) Fellows shall declare interests which are relevant as and when they come up in the business of a College Meeting or a committee. The person chairing the meeting shall decide whether any Fellow declaring an interest should withdraw during the discussion of that item of business. (6) A College Meeting may be adjourned from time to time. (7) Minutes shall be kept of each College Meeting and shall be approved as a record at a subsequent meeting.