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Statute 3: The Visitor

S3.1 (1)   The Visitor shall have the duty to safeguard the proper governance of the College.
(2)    He or she shall make a final determination concerning any question as to the interpretation of Statutes and Ordinances.
(3)   The Visitor shall exercise his or her jurisdiction when invited to do so by the Master or by three members of the Society.
(4)   The Visitor shall be elected by a majority of all the members of the Society convened for the purpose. The procedure for electing the Visitor shall be prescribed by Ordinance.
(5)   The Visitor shall hold office for a period of ten years and shall be eligible for renewal.

The Visitor shall cease to hold office either by resignation or by decision of the University Commissary that she or he is no longer capable of performing the duties of the office.

S3.3 (1)   In accordance with the provisions of the Education Reform Act 1988, nothing in these Statutes shall enable or require the Visitor:
a.  to hear any appeal or determine any dispute relating to a member of academic staff to whom Appendix A applies which concerns the member's appointment or employment or the termination of that appointment or employment; or
b.  to disallow or annul any Regulations of the Society made under or having effect for the purpose of Appendix A.
(2)   The jurisdiction of the Visitor in relation to student matters shall respect the restrictions set out in s.20 of the Higher Education Act 2004.

  There are no regulations to Statute 3