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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O3.1)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

O3.1 (1)   The Visitor shall safeguard the proper governance of the College. Where the Visitor is invited to exercise his or her jurisdiction by three of the Fellows, it shall be the duty of the President to determine whether the requisite number has been met and to communicate with the Visitor on behalf of the Fellows. (2)   The Visitor shall be elected by the Society. The election shall require a majority of all the members of the Society and the agreement of the Master. (3)   Any College Meeting for the purposes of electing the Visitor shall be called by the Master. (4)   If no person has been elected to fill a vacancy in the Visitorship at the expiration of six months from the occurrence of a vacancy, the power of electing a person to fill the vacancy shall devolve on the Chancellor of the University. (5)   The Society shall elect the Visitor from amongst the members of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.