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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O4.5)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

O4.5 (1)   With the concurrence of the Society, the Master shall appoint one of its members to be the President and to act on behalf of the Master if the Master is absent or incapacitated.
(2)   Where the Master is incapacitated and a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Society shall appoint a President at a meeting called specially for the purpose by the Senior Fellow.
(3)   The President shall hold office for the period stipulated by the Society. He or she shall cease to hold office six months after the admission of a new Master, unless he or she has been re-appointed in accordance with the procedure set out in paragraph (1) above. He or she shall cease to hold office on resignation or on ceasing to be a member of the Society.
(4)   The President shall have power to act in the place of the Master during a vacancy in the Mastership.
(5)   In the absence or incapacity of the President or during a vacancy in the Presidency, the functions of the President shall be exercised by the Senior Fellow.