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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O5.2)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

General Provisions

O5.2 (1)   (a) Elections and re-elections into Fellowships shall be by the Society and require a majority of all its members, except that, in the event of equality, the person presiding shall have a second vote.
       (b) Regulations shall provide for the procedures for election, re-election and resignation of Fellows and their seniority.
       (c) A Fellow-elect shall be admitted to his or her Fellowship by the Master and shall before admission make the following declaration in the presence of the Society:
         'Summam fidelitatem erga collegium praestabo: statuta, privilegia, consuetudines, libertates et ordinationes dictae domus jam facta et futuris temporibus legitime facienda observabo: nec procurabo malum domui aut sociis.'
The Master shall admit the Fellow-elect in the following words:
         'Ego nomine meo et omnium sociorum admitto te in socium (vel sociam) ex fundatione dominae.'        (d) The Society may annul an election if the Fellow-elect does not come for admission within such time as it considers reasonable or retains the headship or a Fellowship of any other College in any University.
(2)   (a) The period of tenure of a Fellowship shall run from the date of admission.
       (b) A Fellowship shall be vacated by admission to the Mastership, or, unless the Society otherwise determines, to the headship or fellowship of any other College in any University.
       (c) Regulations may set out the duties of any class of Fellow carrying membership of the Society.
       (d) Regulations may set out the stipends and emoluments associated with any class of Fellowship.
       (e) The normal retirement date for a Fellow shall be the end of the academical year next after he or she attains the age of 67 years. Regulations may establish procedures by which the Society considers an application by a Fellow to continue in post beyond retirement. A Fellow so continued retains his or her fellowship.
(3) Appendix A of the Statutes shall govern the discipline, grievances and dismissal of Official Fellows, Research Fellows and Professorial Fellows, who shall be treated as 'academic staff' as defined in SA1 (2).
(4)   (a) The tenure of an Official Fellowship shall be conditional on the holding of a qualifying office specified by the Society, which shall be either a College office or a University office. The Society may from time to time redesignate a different qualifying office that previously specified.
       (b)An Official Fellowship shall be tenable for six years, but may be renewed by re-election for further periods not exceeding six years at a time. In the case of a person holding the office of Senior Tutor, Dean, Treasurer or Bursar, the tenure of an Official Fellowship shall not expire so long as he or she holds that office.
(5)   (a) The Society may elect into a Research Fellowship any person undertaking a plan of research approved by the Society.
       (b) A Research Fellowship shall be tenable for three years and may be renewed by re-election for further periods, but no Research Fellowship shall be tenable for more than six years in all unless the Society in any case for special reasons otherwise determines.
(6)   (a) The tenure of a Professorial Fellowship shall be conditional on the holding of an office qualifying the holder under University Statutes for a Professorial Fellowship.
       (b) The Society shall comply with University Statutes relating to the election of Professorial Fellows.