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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O6.1)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

O6.1 (1)   (a) The holders of the offices mentioned in paragraphs (2) to (15) of this Ordinance shall be the College officers. The duties of those offices shall include those set out in paragraphs (2) to (15), but may include other duties determined by the Society from time to time.
       (b) With the exception of Directors of Studies, Assistant Directors of Studies and the Chaplain, all College officers shall be appointed from among the members of the Society.
       (c) A Fellow may hold two or more offices at the same time.
(2) The Senior Tutor shall have responsibility for the educational provision in the College. This responsibility shall include student discipline on academic matters other than those mentioned in O4 (1) (b) above (grave indiscipline).
(3) The Society shall appoint as many Tutors, Directors of Studies and Assistant Directors of Studies as it determines from time to time. Together with the Senior Tutor, the Tutors for Admissions and the Tutor for Graduate Affairs, these officers shall be the educational staff of the College.
(4) The Tutor or Tutors for Admissions shall be responsible for overseeing the arrangements for the admission of students to the College.
(5) The Tutor for Graduate Affairs shall exercise oversight over the arrangements for the education and support for graduate students of the College.
(6) The Dean shall have control over the Chapel, Divine Service (which shall be according to the liturgy of the Church of England) and religious instruction. The Dean shall be in priest's orders that are recognised and accepted by the Church of England. The Society may from time to time appoint a Chaplain to assist the Dean.
(7) The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving gifts and endowments, for the investments of the College.
(8) The Bursar shall be responsible for administering the property and financial affairs of the College and for the employment of its staff.
(9) The Tutorial Bursar shall be responsible for the administration of trust funds and other funds provided by the College for the support of students.
(10) The Development Director shall be responsible for encouraging gifts and endowments to the College and for relations with alumni.
(11) The Director of International Programmes shall be responsible for managing the programmes for non-matriculated students in the College.
(12) The Praelector shall be responsible for matriculating members of the College and presenting them for degrees.
(13) The Fellow Librarian is responsible to the Society for the management of the Library.
(14) The Steward shall be responsible for the domestic arrangements of the Society.
(15) The College Proctor shall be responsible for all matters concerning the discipline of junior members of the College, excluding academic matters.