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Regulations to the 2009 Statutes (R6.1)

The following Regulations were made at the College Meeting of 3 March 2009 under the authority of Statute S2.4.


R6.1 (1) The College Proctor shall have power to determine the appropriate sanction for all non-academic disciplinary matters concerning a student member of the College, except for grave breaches of discipline.
(2) The sanctions that the College Proctor may impose shall include (i) a fine, (ii) the payment of compensation, (iii) the exclusion from any part of College premises, and (iv) an order binding a student to maintain good behaviour during a specified period.
(3) A student upon whom a sanction under (2) has been imposed may appeal within 10 working days to the Senior Tutor who shall refer the matter to the College Proctor's Advisory Committee. That Committee shall hear the appeal and shall have the same powers as the College Proctor to determine an appropriate penalty.
(4) In the case of a grave breach of discipline (other than academic matters), the College Proctor shall prepare such information as the Master requires for the exercise of his powers under O4.1(b).