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Ordinances to the 2009 Statutes (O6.2)

The following Ordinances were made at the College Meeting under the authority of Statute S2.3 on 3 March 2009.

O6.2 (1) Apart from the Senior Tutor, the initial appointment to all College offices shall be made by a majority of all the members of the Society in a College Meeting.
(2) The initial appointment of the Senior Tutor shall be made by the Master with the concurrence of the Society for an initial period of three years.
(3) Unless the Society otherwise directs, appointments and reappointments to any College Office (including that of the Senior Tutor) shall be made by a majority of all the members of the Society in a College Meeting for a period of six years and thereafter for further periods not exceeding six years.
(4) The normal retirement date for a College officer shall be the end of the academical year next after he or she attains the age of 67 years.
(5) Unless his or her office can be held without being a member of the Society, a College officer shall cease to hold his or her office on ceasing to be a member of the Society.
(6) A College officer may resign at any time by notice in writing to the Master.
(7)   (a) The dismissal of any person holding a College office designated by the Society as one to which Appendix A applies shall be governed by the rules and procedures laid down therein.
       (b) In other cases, the Society may by a two-thirds majority of all its members remove a College officer from his or her office.