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(Pembroke) understood that for a programme to gain traction and survive the longer-term pressures in both academia and business there had to be sustainable value for both sides. In (the BT Scholarship) example the student and department gained valuable business insight and the business gained valuable business improvement, a real win-win.
Jeff Patmore, formerly of corporate partner BT.

The Corporate Partnership Programme offers Pembroke students a genuine opportunity to nurture business related ideas, develop contacts with local investors, and receive ongoing support from world-class experts.
Jacob Baldwin (2013), winner of the 2016 Parmee Prize.

From a professional and academic perspective, very few other initiatives can aspire to come close to the opportunity provided by the CPP at Pembroke to touch lives and instigate significant and impactful change.
Dr Monica Wirz (2009), conducted research for a corporate partner during graduate study.

I have personally experienced the strength of this partnership programme through developing links to a number of organisations which have given rise to strong research opportunities.
Dr Philip Stiles, Cambridge Judge Business School.

Overall, our involvement in the Corporate Partnership Programme has already yielded fantastic value, not least because the way the Corporate Partnership team perform the crucial bridging role between cutting-edge Cambridge thinking and industrial research applications is unparalleled. John Hinks, Global Head of Innovation at Zurich Group Services.

Since 2000, Grosvenor Group have been very proud of our association with Pembroke College. Over the years, our close links with the College have been enhanced by the annual Grosvenor employment presentations, held in the College, which have produced for us a good number of high-calibre recruits.
Jeremy Newsum, William Pitt Fellow representing corporate partner Grosvenor Group.

I spent 10 weeks at BT over the summer in the Big Data department working on text analytics with deep neural networks. It was a very enjoyable experience where I had the chance to improve my programming skills and research new cutting edge computing in a very friendly and relaxed environment.
John Hughes (2015), BT Summer Intern.