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The process of allocating our graduate accommodation for next year will take place in April and May 2018. Two types of accommodation are available:

1. Hostels steward positions Any graduate student wishing to apply to be a hostels steward should complete the hostel steward application form and submit it by mid-day Monday 30 April. Positions will be confirmed on or before Wednesday 2 May. Allocation to specific hostels will take place later in the summer. Further details are available here or contact Becky Coombs.

2. Rooms in graduate hostels and College flats/houses The graduate hostels ballot will take place after the hostels steward positions are confirmed. If you have accepted a hostels steward position you cannot enter the graduate hostels ballot. To enter the ballot for either a room in a graduate hostel or a College flat/house you should complete the online form.

All applications (for either a room in a graduate hostel or a College flat/house) must be received by 9am on Friday 4 May and the ballot, to determine the order that rooms are chosen in, will take place later that day. The meetings to choose rooms will be held later in May (date tbd). Find out more about the accommodation allocation process (for both rooms and flats/houses).

Any student entering the third year of their PhD or clinical studies in 2018/19 living in one of the graduate hostels at 8 Bateman St, 107 Grantchester Meadows, 65 Lensfield Rd (rooms 1-8), 1 Newnham Croft, 36 Panton St, 38 Panton St and 3 Selwyn Gardens may elect to remain in their current room and NOT enter the ballot (but they must still complete the online form).

The College flats/houses that were available last year, and I'm hoping at least some will be available in 2018/19, were : 32 Panton Street Coach House (studio flat), 5 Pembroke Street Flat 4 (studio flat), 11 Newnham Croft (studio flat), 13 Newnham Croft (studio flat), 15 Newnham Croft (studio flat), Flat A, 2 Pemberton Place (studio flat) and Flat B, 2 Pemberton Place (2 room flat). The same criteria as that used for the allocation of bedsists will be used for the allocation of College flats/houses.

Any student who decides NOT to move into the room or flat they selected in the ballot after the 30 June deadline will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 20% of their selected room (or flat) termly rent.

As you are no doubt aware there is considerable pressure on our graduate accommodation and should demand outstrip supply then we will be running a waiting list for rooms. If, after choosing a room, you realise that you no longer need it could you please inform Becky Coombs, in writing, as soon as possible so that it can be offered to those on the waiting list. Rooms are rented for the full year (mid September - mid September); if you wish to vacate your room during this period then at least one month's written notice is required. If there is any aspect of the process you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact Becky Coombs.

A list of available graduate hostels and flats/houses with brief descriptions where available can be found here.

Pembroke College is a member of the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK)