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General ballot

The underlying principle is that the graduate ballot, dealt with jointly by the Tutorial Office and the graduate parlour, is seen to be giving everyone an opportunity to stay in College accommodation for at least one year, but preferably more. First year graduate student accommodation is dealt with separately this includes M.B. + B.Chir. and Vet.M.B. students. Graduates are put into "Categories" depending on the year of their PhD studies. There are 4 categories and within each category a further sub-division takes place depending on the number of years already spent in College owned accommodation as a graduate. In a number of the categories an order will already have been determined from the previous year's ballot - where such an order exists then this will be reversed for the current year.

Category A

All graduate students who are about to commence their third and final year of their Ph.D. The order they will enter the ballot is as follows:

  1. No years in College accommodation
  2. One year in College accommodation
  3. Remaining third year graduate students will be entered in the reverse order that they were in the category B ballot.

Any student entering the third year of their PhD or clinical studies in 2018/19 currently living in one of the graduate hostels at 8 Bateman St, 107 Grantchester Meadows, 65 Lensfield Rd (rms 1- 8), 1 Newnham Croft, 36 Panton St, 38 Panton St and 3 Selwyn Gardens may elect to remain in their current room and NOT enter the ballot (but they must still complete the online form).

Category B

All graduate students about to enter their 2nd or 1st year of their Ph.D. – this includes previous M.Phil. students, who have already completed one year of Ph.D. study and are about to enter their second year of Ph.D. - i.e. the M.Phil. does not count towards their Ph.D. at the point they enter the ballot. N.B. Clarification will be sought from the Board of Graduate Studies, should the need arise, as to whether the first year of the M.Phil. counts towards the Ph.D.. If in subsequent years there is a change (i.e. the M.Phil. didn't initially count and it subsequently does) then the decision made in the previous year will remain valid. The order is as follows:

  1. No years in college accommodation
  2. All others with a ballot system being drawn up

Category C

All graduate students who are entering a fourth year of their Ph.D.

  1. No years in College accommodation
  2. One year in College accommodation
  3. Two years in College accommodation
  4. Three years in College accommodation
  5. Four+ years in College accommodation

Category D

M.Phil. students who have a confirmed letter of acceptance from the Board of Graduate Studies that they can register to undertake a Ph.D. All M.Phils will be treated equally irrespective of whether funding is at present secured.

Category E

All remaining graduates, using the same priorities as above.


Graduates are allowed to ballot as a group of up to 4 people, however people will drop to the person with the lowest position in the ballot e.g. J. Smith, no. 5 on the ballot wants to be in a group with B. Brown 10 and F. Bloggs 25. This means that J. Smith and B. Brown drop down to position no 25 with F. Bloggs.

Cancellation fee

Any student who decides NOT to move into the room or flat they selected in the ballot after the 30 June deadline will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 20% of their selected room (or flat) termly rent.


A student who intermits re-enters the ballot in the position in which they left i.e. If intermitted in their 2nd year then for the next years ballot they are again treated as a second year.

Researching away

A student who is researching away for a year re-enters the ballot in the year in which they are in their PhD. E.g. if away for year two of PhD then will enter the ballot as 3rd year.

Students commencing their course mid-way through the academic year

Pembroke's accommodation period runs from mid-September of one year to mid-September of the following year. Students who commence their course in Lent or Easter are able to decide which year they would like to be classified in for the purposes of the ballot (e.g. a student starting in Lent might decide that, in terms of accommodation, they wish to enter their 'second' year when it comes to the ballot although they will only have completed by the September, 2 terms of study. Whilst students in such a position are, within reason, free to choose their ballot category, they must be aware that whatever year they choose (and therefore the category in the ballot) will remain with them throughout their graduate career at Pembroke. They should contact the Rooms' Tutor to discuss what they would like to do.

Students studying for a MRes degree (or similar 1+3 course of study)

Transferring from another College

A student who has transferred from another College will enter the ballot as above in their year of PhD irrespective of their accommodation situation prior to transferring to the College.

Hostels stewards

Hostels stewards entering the ballot will be inserted into the ballot according to their year and the number of years already spent in college owned accommodation.

Two-year courses

Graduates undertaking a two year course will be treated like any graduate student i.e. in their second year they will treated as a second year PhD student.