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Hostel Stewards

Hostels stewards are appointed, by the College, for one year. The role has changed from previous years and there will be more limited number of hostels stewards. A hostels steward will be the first point of contact for a number of undergraduate hostels and will also keep an eye on the communal life and facilities of the hostels. Hostels steward will also be asked to check that everything is in working order in bedistting rooms in nearby undergraduate hostels prior to the start of the academic year (and where it is not reporting it to maintenance). In return hostels stewards are offered a reduction in rent.

There will be 7 hostels stewards in 2018/19. Allocation to particular hostels will take place during the summer and successful hostels stewards will be invited to express their preferences for a hostel at that time. Graduates who secure hostels steward positions are not eligible to enter the hostels ballot.

Hostels stewards must guarantee that they will be in residence throughout the three undergraduate terms. The College reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee to anyone appointed to a hostels steward position who does not remain for the three undergraduate terms.

The following undergraduate hostels will have a hostels steward:

3-4 Fitzwilliam St

6 Fitzwilliam St (the hostels steward position is normally offered to the GP President)

7-8 Fitzwilliam St

40 Panton Street

2 Selwyn Gardens

10 Selwyn Gardens

28-29 Trumpington St