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Building and Room Security

The College is very aware of security issues surrounding the College and its members and seeks to maintain a friendly and safe environment for its members.  The College therefore actively encourages its members to take their part in helping to maintain this environment.

Unfortunately, experience shows that thefts of computers and other electronic devices, money, and other valuables occur from time to time; you should therefore take care to lock your room and close your windows whenever you are out (even for very short periods of time).  It is essential that room doors as well as front and back doors of hostels are properly locked and NOT left on the latch or wedged open

The College cannot and does not accept responsibility for any losses. It is essential that you insure your personal possessions in College, College Hostel rooms and whilst possessions are in storage in College against theft and any damage or other loss.

During term the front wicket gate remains unlocked till 9pm.  Thereafter, the doors will be closed and access for College members is through use of their university cards. Access through all other gates is controlled by university card; however the Butler Gates are also open at the times posted in the Hall Screens. 

When entering the College using the electronic gate system please ensure that you:

  • Close the door behind you (do not leave it to close by itself)
  • Once the main gates are closed don’t allow anyone in after you; you should at least ascertain the identity of the person following you.  If in doubt ask them to enter via the Porter’s Lodge.
  • Members of the College are reminded that it is their responsibility to verify the identity of anyone entering through security controlled gates at the same time as them.