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General Information

College Accommodation and Number of Rooms in College Houses

There are currently 603 bedsitting rooms available for the student body.  A list of College and hostel rooms is available here.

The College has one room in Foundress Court which have been specially adapted for a disabled student.

Pembroke College rooms should normally contain at least (unless the room is very small):

Bed Bedside Table Desk Desk Chair
Desk lamp Bookcase Armchair Wardrobe
Chest of Drawers Curtains Wastebin  

On initial occupation of a room a student should check the state of furnishings and fittings and report any damage/defects to the Housekeeper immediately to avoid being held responsible for the damage.  On vacating the room, a student is responsible for ensuring that the room and furnishings are in the same condition as they were found.

N.B. Bedsitting rooms cover single rooms with desk and bed in the same room and sets, where there is a separate study and bedroom.  For the purpose of this document unless otherwise indicated bedsitting rooms will be referred to as rooms



The allocation of undergraduate rooms in College and in College hostels is the responsibility of the College Registrar and Rooms Tutor.  Rooms are selected according to a ballot order determined in the course of the students’ first year. The priority thus arrived at, with certain exceptions, determines the orderly selection of rooms, mostly in Hostels, for the second year of residence. For the third year that priority is reversed, again with some exceptions, for the selection of both Hostel and College rooms.

Choice of rooms is made at meetings organised by the J.P. Hostels Representative.  Full details of the process are available here.

The College offers accommodation to all undergraduate students in College or College hostels for the duration of their undergraduate course.

Any undergraduate who wishes to live in accommodation not owned by College should consult their Tutor in the first instance.  If an undergraduate chooses a room in the ballot and subsequently decides not to live in College owned accommodation, they must notify the College Registrar and Rooms Tutor, in writing, by 6 July 2018; failure to do so may make them you liable to a term’s rent being charged.


The appointment of hostel keepers to undergraduate hostels is the responsibility of the College Registrar and Rooms Tutor.

The allocation of graduate rooms to continuing graduate students is the responsibility of the College Registrar working with the Housing Officer of the Graduate Parlour and is again based on a ballot system for the selection of rooms.  Full details of this process are available here.

New Students to the College

New undergraduates and graduates have accommodation allocated directly by the College Registrar once their place has been confirmed.  All new students to the College will be sent a form, prior to their arrival, asking them for further information such as their preferred rent and location.

Living out of College owned Accommodation

Students who prefer to find their own accommodation might find the following websites helpful:

The University Accommodation Service
The Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board

Tutors can also give advice and should always be consulted over contracts and any difficulties over relations with landlords.