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Lighting and Personal Electrical Appliances


Suitable lighting is provided in all rooms, and externally around the College.  If a light bulb fails, and you cannot change it yourself, you should report it using either:

  • via the College website.
  • in the Porter’s Lodge - Spare light bulbs to change yourself may be acquired from the Porter’s Lodge.

As far as possible, all light bulbs will be low-energy, long-life models. 

Personal Electrical Appliances

All privately-owned electrical equipment must be maintained in a safe state. The College may test any such appliance at its own discretion and cost.  The College will remove any electrical items that it considers are a health, safety or fire hazard.  2 pin “continental” plugs MUST NOT be used in 3 pin socket outlets as these will not be earthed which could result in serious injury and fire.

Electric appliances with low current consumption (e.g. radios, CD players, hairdryers, electric razors) may be used; further guidance on personal electrical appliances is provided in the College Rules and Regulations (Electric Lighting and Appliances).

The safety of any privately owned electrical appliance is the responsibility of its user.   We make every effort to provide sufficient discrete power outlets for your use.  Block adapter plugs must not be used; instead, please use standard strip extension leads only.   Enquiries as to the use of electrical apparatus should be addressed, in the first instance, to the Maintenance Department.  If additional outlets are required for good reasons, an application should be made to the Maintenance Department.

It is in the interest of everyone's safety that these rules should be strictly observed and adhered to, just as it is essential that no alterations or additions to electric wiring be made.