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Maintenance and Repair Regimes


Maintenance and repair of Pembroke College property is undertaken by a variety of means. There is a small, dedicated maintenance team in College, available for routine and emergency maintenance work.  The working hours of the Maintenance Team are 08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Thursday and 08.00 to 15.30 on Fridays. No requests other than emergencies will be responded to outside of these hours or on Saturdays and Sundays. Some regular repair work is sub-contracted to outside companies (e.g. plumbing repair and painting), as is most periodic testing (e.g. Legionnaire’s testing, water testing, portable appliance testing, lightning conductor tests etc).  Finally, specialist contractors may be brought in to undertake more major works, such as refurbishment of rooms, staircases and houses.

Any fault or damage which occurs after occupancy has commenced must be reported via:

as should any other works.  The College seeks to respond quickly to any problems with equipment or furnishing in rooms and undertakes that:

  1. Urgent faults e.g. electrical failure, broken door locks, burst pipes, leaks, blocked toilets, heating not working are dealt with within 24 hours Monday to Friday or during the course of the following Monday if reported over the weekend
  2. Medium Priority faults such as blocked sinks, faulty windows (unless insecure), broken toilet seats, loose tiles, lights not working, faulty thermostats are generally attended to within 72 hours. Where an issue of this type cannot be resolved within 48 hours during the working week, the reporter will be sent an email informing them of an estimate of the time that the work will be completed within.
  3. Low Priority faults such as cracked panes of glass, requests for lamp changes, reports of mould , door closers, external lighting, and decoration will be attended to as soon as possible within four working weeks, generally the reporter will receive an e-mail advising of the timescale within which they can expect action to be taken
  4. Faults to “White Goods”, cookers, fridges, freezers should initially be reported to Housekeeping NOT Maintenance

Once the work has been completed, and as long as it has been reported through the correct channels, then the Maintenance Department will send an e-mail informing the reporter that the work has been carried out.

It is sometimes necessary for maintenance work to be carried whilst rooms are occupied.  Where feasible, students, who will be affected by the work, will be informed when the work will take place.  If its nature is very disruptive, alternative accommodation will be found.

In emergency situations where the occupant cannot be contacted, the maintenance team may need to enter a room to undertake repairs without prior notice

Approved contractors

A list of approved contractors and copies of their Public and Employer’s Liability Certificates is held in the Finance Office.  All contractors working for the College are required to wear identity badges at all times.  If you are unsure as to the identity of anyone arriving to undertake work, check their details with the Porter’s Lodge (01223 338100) before allowing them to enter your room and/or hostel.

Construction quality

Records for all of the buildings are kept by the Buildings Manager in his archives.  The Buildings Manager and the Architect for each specific project are responsible for construction quality, which must be in accordance with current Building Regulations and Local Authority and Planning directives.

The College endeavours to ensure that all repair and refurbishment work is undertaken to a high standard, however many of the College buildings are hundreds of years old, irregularities in wall and ceiling finishes are common due to age and do not indicate any structural failure.

Grounds maintenance

The College gardeners will maintain the grounds around all College buildings, on the main site, in a tidy, aesthetic and practical manner.

Gardens, particularly those facing onto roads, will be maintained in a manner to give some screening for occupants while in their rooms, while minimising opportunities for the concealment of intruders.

Principal pathways are maintained to provide a suitable surface for all users, including those with mobility problems.  While not all paths are fully illuminated, principal routes have suitable intensity lighting to provide security to users.

Rule for the use of College gardens are issued periodically by the Senior Tutor.

Litter clearance

All College members are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the College buildings and grounds, and should ensure that their waste – and that of their guests – is disposed of correctly.  External litter bins located around the College grounds are regularly emptied by Housekeeping staff.

Snow and ice clearance policies

The Gardening staff carry out snow and ice clearance as much as possible in College however students are reminded to exercise care in snowy and icy conditions and to wear appropriate footware.  Students should take particular care during snowy periods that their actions do not cause a hazard for others.  Activities such as creating ice slides on roadways or steps, or making and using snowballs containing gravel from the paths are prohibited.