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All students are issued with a Licence Agreement relating to the occupation of their room.  Students will be emailed their Licence Agreement and the “Terms and Conditions for Occupation of Accommodation” before the commencement of occupation.  The Student will be deemed to have entered into the agreement when they take possession of the keys to the room listed on the Licence agreement.  It is important that students read these documents carefully.  On arrival at Pembroke students should go to the Porter’s Lodge to collect their room key and swipe in using their university card.

Students may gain access to their room after 12 noon on the first day of the Licence Period and must vacate their room by 10 o’clock, at the latest, on the last day of the Licence Period.

The Licence Periods for undergraduates for the current academic year can be found here:  Licence Periods vary according to year of residence and location of room.

If an undergraduate wishes to remain in Cambridge for academic and College (not social) reasons outside of the Licence Period then they must seek permission from their Tutor and rent will be charged accordingly.

First year undergraduate students or second year undergraduate students living in a College room must fully clear their rooms on departure at the end of each term.  If you are granted permission to stay for academic reasons, then you may be required to change rooms as there is a heavy demand for College rooms during the periods immediately after the end of Full term.

Second year undergraduates in hostels, and third and fourth year undergraduates in College and hostels are not required to clear their rooms over the Christmas or Easter vacations but should tidy their rooms and leave them in a reasonable state so as to facilitate any essential maintenance or cleaning work that needs to be carried out.  Belongings are left in rooms at their owner's own risk and College is in no way responsible for any loss or damage to these items.  The College reserves the right to use the rooms should it be necessary and will inform the student if this will happen.

All continuing graduate and hostel keeper rooms are booked out from September to the September of the following year (dates for the current year are on the Student Room Licence agreement).

Any graduate student new to the College will have their room booked out from the Saturday before the start of Michaelmas term to September of the following year.  Any student on a taught course of one-year or less in duration will be contacted during the May before their course ends asking them when they will be vacating the room.

A graduate student who intermits or works away from Cambridge for any reason for a period of less than three calendar months, may continue to rent the room, at normal rates.  Alternatively they may, if possible, give 4 weeks’ notice in writing to the College Registrar that they wish to vacate the room - removing their possessions, so that the room can be let to another person.  If the date of return to Cambridge is known then, should they so wish, the College will reserve the same room for them or an alternative room subject to availability.  When a graduate student intermits or works away from Cambridge for more than three calendar months, they are normally required to vacate their allocated room. 

Any student (undergraduate or graduate) who wishes to vacate their room before the end of their given Licence Period and move fully out of College owned accommodation must give 4 weeks’ notice in writing to the College Registrar (

The College is entitled to use or let the accommodation at any time outside the Licence Period or if a room is unoccupied (this also applies to a vacant room in shared sets).

Students occupying rooms in College will be obliged to follow the instructions of the May Ball (or June Event) Committee concerning the vacation of rooms during the May Ball (or June Event), including preparation time.  Prior notice of these arrangements will be issued by the May Ball (or June Event) Committee.

When rooms are vacated at the end of Licence Period all personal possessions must be removed from College rooms and rooms in College Hostels.  Any possessions left behind will be disposed of as the College see fit.  If it is necessary to use a removals company to remove and store items, this expense will be charged to the student concerned.  The student may also be charged rent for the period when the possessions remain in the room.