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Rent and payment terms


The rent that you pay covers the provision of all utilities (including electricity and Ethernet charges) and cleaning services.  Rooms are banded to reflect their size, location and other facilities and features. The weekly rents for the different bands are available here

For undergraduates rent is charged according to your room booking.  It is important to note that swipe records will be compared to room bookings to ensure the correct vacation rent is being charged.  Failure to swipe in/out correctly will result in additional rent being charged.  Swipe card records are also used as proof to the University that term has been kept.  Vacation rent will be pro rata of the weekly rent for the allocated room (e.g. a room with a weekly rent of £110.26 will pay £15.75 per night during the vacation).

Graduates will be charged rent for a 13 week period.

Payment Terms

Rent is paid in advance and is shown on your quarterly College bill.  Payment, at the agreed rate per week, must be made to the College by the first Friday of each Full Term.  You will be reminded of the due date on the College Bill you receive shortly before the beginning of each term.  These dates are also available here

Any residency, for academic reasons, granted to an undergraduate outside of the Licence Period will be charged at 1/7th of the weekly rent, and will be shown on subsequent bills.  You should note that, if permission is given for you to remain in the vacation, then it will not always be possible for you to remain in the room you occupy during the term.

Any student wishing to vacate their room during the term must give 4 weeks’ notice, in writing, to the College Registrar.  If the correct period of notice has been given, the College will reimburse the student an amount of the rent for the remainder of that period.

Failure to pay the rent within fifteen days of the due date gives the College the right to end this agreement and to require the student to move out, but only after the student’s Tutor has been consulted and the student has been given one month’s notice to vacate. If the student is in danger of not being able to pay his/her College Bill, it is the student’s responsibility to consult his/her Tutor or the College Registrar as soon as possible.  Students will not be entitled to return into residence for the term following and Licence period for which room rent remains unpaid, wholly or in part.