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Room keys

Room Keys

Students may obtain a key to their room in College or in the College Hostels from the Porter’s Lodge.  Each student will be issued with a key to their room (in the case of hostels this will open the front door of the hostel also).

Those issued with a key are required to swipe in at the start of each term and swipe out at the end of the term when they return their key.  For graduate students this will be at the start/end of their Residency Period.  These key registrations are important in confirming:

  • that term has been kept (required by the university before a degree can be awarded)
  • whether additional rent is owed as that covered by the residency period.

Keys should not be retained over the vacation.  In the event of the keys not being returned or lost, a charge of £19 per key will be made.  The absence of a key will be held to imply continued occupation and rent will be charged accordingly.  If a key is inadvertently taken away from Cambridge, the student must telephone the Porters (01223 338100) to alert them and then return it immediately by registered post in a 'jiffy' style envelope so the key is not lost in transit.  A fine will then be charged, instead of additional rent.

Loan & Replacement College Keys Procedure

Clear Time Scales to Return Loan Keys

All loan keys must be signed out at the Porters Lodge.  If the key is the spare accommodation room key then 24 hours is the maximum time allowed; earlier return times are preferred.

If you are signing out a function room / supervision room key, these keys must be returned at the conclusion of the event / meeting on that day in question.

1st Reminder : Where keys are not returned within the 24 hour period in which they were signed out, the student will be sent an email requiring immediate return of the keys.

2nd Reminder: If the keys are not returned within 24 hours of the first reminder a second reminder will be sent and a copy of that email will also be posted to the student in question.

Final Reminder: If there is no response to the second email within 24 hours of sending the Head Porter will send a 3rd and final email to the student along with a posted hard copy of that email advising that the keys are deemed lost and a replacement charge for those keys will be sought after the following 24 hours.  The Head Porter will also inform the Senior Tutor and the student’s Tutor of the failure to return the keys and of the relevant charge to the student’s College account.

Payment Charge: The student will be allowed one month from the date of that final email, informing them of the charge, to seek a refund should they return the missing keys within that timeframe.  Irrespective of the late return of the keys and subsequent refund, the student will incur a non-refundable £5 administration fee. 


All College gates are now electronically managed and students should use their University cards to enter the College.  Entrances to the College are:

  • the wicket gate in the main entrance (Trumpington Street)
  • the wicket gate (Butler Gate) at the back of College on Tennis Court Road
  • BB rear gate at the back of College on Tennis Court Road
  • the New Court Arch gate (by S staircase)
  • the Chapel gate
  • Chimney Court gate.