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There are very limited facilities within the College for storing personal possessions during vacations and any student wishing to leave things in either of the storage areas (in Foundress or U Basement) must have permission to do so. A priority system in the allocation of storage space has been determined; students are approached on the basis of the distance of their home address from College to ask them if they would like storage over the vacation.

Space is only allocated for the vacations and students must reapply each vacation, when invited to, to use the storage facilities. Use of the storage areas is free of charge but fines are charged to students who fail to clear their belongings on time. The College Registrar oversees the administration of the storage areas in College.

All items are stored at the owners own risk.

The storage rooms

The storage rooms are located in the basements of U Staircase and Foundress Court and offer communal storage on deep open shelving. They are kept locked and are accessible only to those with permission from the Tutorial Office. The College Registrar's Assistant administers storage in College. Storage is free of charge and all items are stored at your own risk. Students must apply for permission to store their things.

Who is offered storage

College offers storage space to those students who must clear their rooms during the vacations: Christmas and Easter vacations: 1st and 2nd year undergraduates living in College. Summer vacation: All undergraduates who are returning the following Michaelmas term. (Those who live closer to College are unlikely to be allocated space for the Summer vacation due to increased demand. Long term storage - Students on their Year Abroad or who have Leave to Work Away may be able to store things - For permission please contact the College Registrar's Assistant.

When to apply

About 3 weeks before the end of term, the Tutorial Office will send an email offering eligible students to fill in a storage application form, along with vacation storage information. Students must reapply for storage space each vacation.

Storage Room Access

Access is by card. Students have access to their storage room for the whole of the vacation storage period. By using their card to gain entry to the storage rooms, students agree to abide by the Storage Terms and Conditions.

Clearing your things

After the vacation, students must remove their belongings by the end of the first week of term. Fines are charged to those who fail to clear their things on time. It is important that students label their belongings clearly so that items forgotten and left in the storage rooms can be easily reunited with their owner.