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Terms and Conditions

By using your University Card to access the storage area(s), you agree to abide by these Storage Terms and Conditions:

  • Items are left at the owners' risk. The College accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in its storage facilities.
  • NO FOOD may be stored. It will be confiscated.
  • Items must not be left in the storage areas unless permission given.
  • Students should not allow entry to other students. They may not have permission to store things and the storage areas must not be overfilled.
  • Any items not claimed by the specified clearance date will be disposed of as College sees fit.
  • Fines may be imposed (see below).

Cost and fines Storing your things is free of charge, however, a fine may be charged if:

  • belongings are not removed by the Clearance Date.
  • Items are left without Tutorial Office permission.