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July Scholars' ballot

Students who get a First in their Tripos or equivalent College exams are entitled, where applicable, to a room in College (and subject to availability). Foundation Scholars (second years or above) proceed to choose first followed by College scholars (first years).

  1. In July the scholars ballot order is determined by putting names (of Foundation scholars) in a 'hat' and pulling names out randomly (like the first year ballot).
  2. College scholars: the names are again randomly pulled out of a hat and they choose/switch rooms in that order.
  3. Any scholar (Foundation or College) who does not change their room in the summer will be placed at the top of the main ballot in the reverse order to the previous years (and of course in year order). A student on the waiting-list who uses their scholars right to a room (rather than choose in the order on the waiting-list) does not go in the top section but remains in the normal ballot.

No scholars rooms are released in November, they are all reserved for the summer as for some students this will be the only opportunity to choose a scholars' room.  

Time scale

Foundation Scholars

Foundation Scholars will be contacted by the Rooms' Tutor around the begining of July. They will be contacted by Email ( address). If it is not possible to get hold of you by email or you do not reply by 9am of the following day then the next person will be contacted. Foundation scholars are strongly encouraged to be proactive in contacting the Rooms' Tutor. If you already know that you do not want to move rooms then please let me know ( Alternatively you may send me a list of your room preferences. The list of 'Scholar's rooms' released in July is available here (there might be some alteration to this list).

College Scholars

Any student elected to a College scholarship must contact me before 14th July indicating that they would like to (or would be interested in a) change rooms. If you do wish to change rooms then you must contact me and tell me that you would like to change rooms and how you can be contacted. If I can't contact you then I will move onto the next person or the waiting list.

College Scholars and the waiting-list

A student on the waiting-list who is elected to a College scholarship has two options:

  1. take advantage of your College scholarship and choose a room (either College or hostel) before the rest of the waiting list. If there is more than one College Scholar wishing to do this then rooms will be chosen in ballot order. You will not then enter the November Scholars' ballot.
  2. remain where you are on the ballot/waiting-list and then choose a room in the November Scholars' ballot - this will be your room for your third year. This is the default position and it is your responsibility to let me know if you wish to take advantage of your College Scholarship.
Scholars and split sets

Students who have chosen to be part of a split set and subsequently become scholars who wish to change rooms will need to find a replacement for their room - both the other half of the split set and the replacement student must contact me separately saying that they are happy with the arrangement. If I do not hear from the interested parties then I'm afraid it will not be possible for the Scholar to switch rooms. If you have any questions about the procedure please do not hesitate to get in touch with Becky Coombs.