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Public rooms & gardens: General conditions for use

You will by now have completed a form giving the College information about the event which you wish to hold in one of our public rooms. Depending on the nature, size and location of that event, you may already have sought the advice of the Senior Tutor, Dr Tucker, about your use of the room; if so, you may shortly receive a permission letter outlining specific conditions for the conduct of the event. Whether or not you receive a permission letter, please ensure that you observe the following simple conditions at all times.

  1. Please deal politely and courteously with any members of College staff you meet. On the day of the event, this applies especially to the College Porters, from whom you will collect the key to the room you have booked, and to whom you will need to return it at the time stipulated on the form. Ensure that you leave the room in the condition you found it.
  2. Please respect the character of the room and of the College environment in general. Bear in mind that others live and work in the immediate vicinity, and be sensitive to the noise and consequent disturbance that an event of any size can generate. The person booking the room is deemed to have assumed responsibility for all those attending the event. Please co-operate with the relevant College staff and authorities in dealing with any unexpectedly unruly guests.
  3. If booking a series of meetings in advance, please give as much notice as possible if the arrangements for any one or more meeting change.
  4. Failure to observe these general conditions will jeopardize any future bookings in your name or that of the society you represent.

Junior Members of the College are reminded of the rules for the use of the College Garden. They are asked to note and observe the following.

  • The Garden is for quiet study and relaxation.
  • A respectable amount of clothing should be worn (sun bathing stripped to the waist is not appropriate) and behaviour should be decorous, bearing in mind that many visitors to the College and to Cambridge walk through the Garden.
  • Musical instruments may not be played in the Garden, nor may radios, or audio equipment which uses speakers.
  • Those whose rooms overlook the garden are asked to close their windows rather than let social noise or loud music cause disturbance to others. Requests for music at garden parties must be agreed separately
  • Members of College only may consume food and drink on New Court Lawn and on the paved terraces around the Bowling Green. Visitors are not permitted to picnic anywhere in the Garden. Bear in mind that hot cups cause lasting damage to the grass, and should therefore be kept well away from all lawns. All litter must be taken away with you: please use the bins provided for disposable food cases, and return any trays, crockery or cutlery brought from Hall or the buttery as soon as you have finished with them.
  • Please do not walk across the Bowling Green. New Court and Red Buildings Lawn may be used for relaxation and study, as may the sloping edges of the Bowling Green adjacent to the paved terraces. Please respect all planting of grass and hedges. On no account must short cuts be taken by stepping over the box hedges. Please walk through the openings between blocks of hedging instead.
  • Parties may not be held in the Garden unless special permission has been obtained in advance and may then only take place in the part of the Garden and at the times specifically appointed. Details of the booking system will be circulated in due course.
  • Croquet may be played in the appropriate places at the permitted times (see separate notice on this). All other ball games and frisbees, and the use of roller blade and skateboards, are banned absolutely.