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Research expenses: one-year & taught courses

Students on one year courses are eligible to apply for research-related or conference grants, if they are required to carry out research towards a dissertation/project (where no other funds are available) or to attend conferences to present a poster or give an oral presentation.  The amount a student can apply for is more limited as it is generally assumed in the University that most of the costs of such courses are predictable and should be factored into funding arrangements from the outset.  It is also assumed that additional expenses should be minimal because the courses are largely taught rather than purely research-based.

Moreover, MPhil students who definitely intend to continue to the PhD may be eligible for support for research or training which is essential to the PhD, and which is undertaken either during the MPhil course or in the summer vacation after it.  Such students must indicate on their application (if necessary on a separate sheet) how the project in question relates to their PhD.  The Supervisor must affirm that the project is necessary for the PhD.  The College may sometimes offer a small grant to the MPhil student on the understanding that the grant will be increased should the student be successful in returning to continue to the PhD.

Students who wish to apply for such support should do so on the standard College Grant form.  The standard norms for research grants for PhD students apply, except that the maximum level of grant will be £400.