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Support for music

Grants for Music Lessons

Serious musicians who are committed to public performance may receive help with the cost of music lessons. Piano, organ, instrumental and singing lessons all qualify. Musical promise will be a factor in decisions, as will willingness to participate in the musical life of the College. It is expected that all those in receipt of grants will be active members of the College Music Society.

Any College financial contribution will relate only to lessons taken within term. If approved, 50% of the cost of up to four lessons per term (at reasonable rates) will be paid, including return travel from Cambridge by bus or train if necessary, within reasonable limits. Subsidy will be paid by reimbursement of the pupil, on production of invoice or receipt, termly.

Any support given for music lessons is subject to a maximum of £400 per year.

Apply in writing to the Director of College Music, giving a detailed estimate of costs.  Receipts/invoices should be sent to Dr Coombs.

Support for the choir

Members of the choir are entitled to reimbursement of the first £200 of singing lessons taken during the academic year. Subsidy will be paid termly on the receipt of an invoice or receipt submitted to Dr Coombs.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the Choir should contact Anna Lapwood.

The college also pays a small stipend to a choir librarian, and provides generous subsidy for the choir tours, through Its music funds.

Grants related to musical performance

Grants are available to help with the exceptional costs of high-level musical performance.  Such grants may, for example, be given for the purchase of sheet music, for help with recording, or for costs associated with staging a large-scale musical event.  Normally up to half receipted costs are awarded, up to a maximum of £200.  Please apply in advance on a standard college grant form, with a full account of projected expenditure.  Instead of getting comments from your Director of Studies, please send the form to Anna Lapwood, Director of College Music, who will comment and send it on to Dr Coombs.