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Support for high-level sport

From Michaelmas 2019

Grants are awarded to students competing either at University level, above (e.g. regional/national competition).

  1. Students playing matches for a University 1st team or at national level can claim up to £350/year in expenses.
  2. Students playing matches for a University 2nd or 3rd team can claim up to £250/year in expenses

In both of the above:

  • the first £350/£250 of expenditure will be covered
  • spending on essential equipment will be capped at £50/item
  • expenses that can claimed can be found here

Blue/Half-Blue awards

Students who are awarded a Blue or Half-Blue can claim an additional £75 (Blue) or £50 (Half Blue).  These awards are donated by Winston Ginsberg (1986).

To apply for sports expenses please complete a sports expenses grant form and submit the receipts along with the form.  Confirmation from the team captain that you have participated at a high level (University level or above) is required (if you are the captain, please ask the team vice-captain or treasurer to confirm).  No grant will be paid until this confirmation has been received.


  • All awards are subject to satisfactory academic and disciplinary performance.
  • In order to qualify for support for two sports (in anyone year) which are similar (e.g. sailing and yachting, Boxing and Kickboxing , Hare and Hounds (Cross Country) and Athletics etc.), students must show evidence of particular financial need.

All applications for sports expenses must be made by 15th July for the academic year just ending.

Other possible sources of support:
The Hawks’ Club
The Ospreys

Sports Expenses


Can claim

Can’t claim

Subs / membership (includes Insurance, League registration, Licence) Yes  
Team / match kit / CU branded kit Yes  
Competition fees Yes  
Training Camps Yes  
Travel Expenses to competitions Yes  
Accommodation costs for away matches Yes  
Essential Equipment* max £50 per item Yes  
Room / Court hire   No
Lessons   No
Equipment servicing/maintenance (e.g. for bikes/re-stringing racquets etc.)   No
Non-essential items (e.g. Blazer)   No
Training gear – socks, shorts, mouth guard, skipping rope   No
*e.g.:   Hockey Stick / Badminton racquet / tennis racquet / Boxing gloves / Roller blades /Dance shoes / Rugby Boots / Badminton/tennis Shoes etc.)