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Book Grants

All students are eligible for a book grant (max. £75/year) towards relevant course books.  The grant covers the full cost of the first £75-worth of books purchased for the course in each academic year.  Students wishing to claim their book grant should complete a book grant claim form – available only from the website.  Forms need to be counter-signed by your Director of Studies/Research Supervisors, who must confirm that the books are for academic use.  Students should submit the form and corresponding receipts directly to Dr Coombs in the Tutorial Office (LL3).  The college recommends that undergraduates ask Directors of Studies to counter-sign them at end or beginning of term meetings

Claims can only be made once a year at the end of any term. Any claim received after the deadline will not be processed until the end of the following term. Grants will be credited to the next term's bill. The final closing date is the 1st May; claims submitted after this date will not be processed. Grants cannot be carried forward from one year to the next.