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Funding for research in laboratories

The college may be able to offer up to 75% of the cost of your room to students intending to undertake unpaid research projects in laboratories in Cambridge; similar levels of funding may be available for students working away from Cambridge.  These awards are known as Hickson or Shepherd bursaries. Candidates should apply on the vacation study grant form (if staying Cambridge) or the standard college grant form (if working outside Cambridge) but should include full details of the laboratory and their intended working role there. The onus is on the student to contact the institution before applying, in order to get permission to work there. Preference will be given to those with definite plans, who are unable to attract funding from elsewhere.   Paid placements are not supported but modestly paid placements may be supported in certain circumstances.

Who: All students

How much: Maximum 75% of the cost of your room

How: If working in a Cambridge based lab: vacation study grant form

If working in a lab outside Cambridge: standard​ college grant form