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Vacation Travel for Strictly Academic Purposes

Participation in vacation courses regarded as compulsory by the University.

Certain courses require students to participate in fieldwork, language study etc. as a compulsory part of their course.  These courses are normally funded through, or heavily subsided by, departments/faculties however the College will consider an application for a contribution to the cost.  Please apply on the standard College Grant form.

Participation in other vacation study, e.g. travel for optional dissertations or non-compulsory fieldwork

The College is often able to assist undergraduates with essential travel expenses incurred in work done for Tripos that is not funded departmentally.  For example, we can support the cost of research visits to libraries, archives or other collections (normally by those writing dissertations); travel outside Cambridge for unfunded fieldwork; unfunded language study (see also language based awards bottom of page).

Wherever possible, applicants are expected in the first instance to seek funding from their Faculty or Department or from University funds. Departments and Faculties may have some money available for ‘non-compulsory’ study and it is important to check this.  Applications must always include full details of what other funding has been applied for and/or received.

In order to ensure a fair distribution of the resources available, the following norms apply to college awards for this study-travel:

Who: Any undergraduate

How much: Grants never cover more than 75% of your total costs, excluding grants obtained elsewhere, and will often be less.  Food costs are excluded.

How: College grant form

When: At any time of year, but before the expenses are incurred.

Limit: £450

If a grant is approved, payment will be made only on production of the necessary receipts. If the total receipted expenditure is significantly less than the sum originally estimated, the grant will normally be reduced accordingly.

Language-based awards

  • In addition to taking language courses where appropriate, undergraduates reading Modern Languages or AMES are encouraged to travel abroad, particularly at the end of their first year.  The college will support up to 75% of the costs of such a trip (excluding food costs), and each undergraduate is entitled to a maximum of £650 support for this purpose during their course.  Students are not eligible for such grants during the compulsory Year Abroad.  Students should apply using the standard College grant form.
  • Other undergraduates travelling abroad to improve their languages (e.g. while taking a language diploma) should apply for support for up to 50% of costs. Students should note applications for this type of language support are normally considered alongside other general travel grants and should apply using the standard College grant form by the deadline of 1st May.