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General Travel Grants

In addition to specifically course related travel or the 1966 Mill Lane Award, the College has a limited sum of money available for less restricted but serious, educationally beneficial, travel.  These awards are separate from the specific course- and research-based grants that the College gives to students needing to travel for fieldwork, dissertations and so on.   As the funding for these types of trips is limited applications will be considered as a gathered field.  Completed applications must to be submitted by 1st May.  Late applications will not be considered.  When applying, please make the case for the educational value of your plans. Usually there will be an academic connection of some sort, though it need not be narrowly course-related. Grants are not given to support holidays.

Students wishing to apply for a general travel award should use the standard College grant form.  Grants will cover 50-25% of costs and will not normally exceed £250. 

General points

  1. Travel awards are intended for undergraduates who are continuing their studies in Pembroke after the travel is undertaken, i.e. after October 2019 in the case of travel over the summer. Students leaving permanently before travelling are not usually eligible.
  2. Most grants will only be made retrospectively, on submission of receipts. However the college is sometimes willing to make a loan in advance, for airfare costs etc.  The loan will then be converted to a grant after receipts have been submitted, along with any other paperwork requested.
  3. The amounts granted will vary depending on the number, quality and appropriateness of applications. In setting the sum, applications to other bodies will be taken into account. The amount actually granted will depend on receipts being submitted for the total travel expenditure budgeted (not just the amount granted), unless specified otherwise.
  4. In line with College policy, students who are in academic or disciplinary difficulty will not normally be considered for grants.
  5. Those awarded grants will be required to write a short report on the travel undertaken, for the information of the Governing Body.  All Travel reports are now being posted on the College website.  Excerpts may also be used in future college publications, for example the Martlet.