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Idle Scholarship

Idle Scholarship for Graduate Internship at the United Nations, New York for the period September to December 2020.

We are delighted to invite applications from Pembroke undergraduates in their final year for the Idle Scholarship. The Scholarship, available because of the generous support of Eric Idle (Pembroke 1962), supports a four-month period of internship with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s UK Mission to the United Nations in New York after graduation from Pembroke.

Further Information

The Idle Scholar will spend four months in New York in an established internship programme led by a senior member of the UK Mission[1], based at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan. The programme combines structured training on the over-all operation of the United Nations with hands-on work-experience, alongside the opportunity for later focus in chosen fields of specific interest. In brief, the internship starts with a period of intensive general training, followed by a contribution to the support provided by the Mission for high level meetings in the lead up to the General Assembly in late September. October and November comprise the committee season where the intern will rotate through a wide diversity of issues of global relevance with the opportunity to focus more deeply on one or two of specific interest. The range of committee work is vast but includes political issues, human rights, international finance, climate change, conflict resolution and many more. Later, there is opportunity for mentored self-directed learning through the UK Diplomats’ Academy learning resource and via the myriad training opportunities offered through the UN Library.

The Idle Scholarship itself has a value of £10,000. This equates to approximately $12-13,000 which covers $8,000 of accommodation costs in New York (the student residence 92Y is recommended but not mandatory –, and $4-5,000 of travel, insurance, food and other living costs. 

Application procedure

Applicants should submit a CV, together with a statement intent of not more than 500 words to Sally Clowes ( in the Tutorial Office by 5pm Tuesday 14 January 2020.  Applicants should ensure that the CV and statement of interests between them cover the following points:

  1. academic record and non-academic activities at Cambridge;
  2. motivations for applying for the internship;
  3. plans for subsequent career or study.

Applicants should also ask their Director of Studies or Tutor (or other appropriate referee, such as a supervisor) to provide them with a reference, to reach Sally Clowes ( in the Tutorial Office by the same date, 5pm Tuesday 14 January 2020.  Shortlisted applications will be reviewed with the UK Mission and interviews will be held by the Master and Senior Tutor before the end of January 2020.