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Counselling provision for all students in the University is provided via the University Counselling Service.   The Service offers individual and to a lesser extent a limited amount of group counselling.  The University Counselling Service can usually offer 2, 3 or 4 individual sessions (occasionally more) all of which are free to students.  A whole range of self-help leaflets and other relevant guidance can be found on the website too - for a range of difficulties, from procrastination and low mood, to issues relating to confidence or eating disorders.   This is a very important resource.

In certain circumstances, the College is able to help the student access a counsellor (especially if the University Counselling Service has a long waiting list or if more sessions are required than the Service is able to offer).  For this reason, the College has its own counsellor who can offer weekly or fortnightly sessions, with supplementary sessions being offered with other Cambridge counsellors within College too.  Following assessment, students may be provided with at least 4 counselling sessions free of charge within College.  After that, further sessions may be available on the basis of the counsellor and student’s mutual assessment of ongoing needs.    Further notes on how to access counselling can be found on the Pembroke website.