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Language lessons

The College will contribute 50% the cost of a language course for non-linguists provided by the University language centre. Payment will only be made once the course has been completed, although it might be possible to make a loan in the first instance and which would later be converted to a grant (please see Dr Coombs if you wish to arrange for a loan).  Once the course has been completed you should submit the receipt and certificate to Dr Coombs before the end of June of the academic year in which the language course was undertaken (e.g. if the course was taken in the academic year 2018/19 then receipts and certificate must be submitted by end of July 2019).

Tutors will consider exceptional requests for contributions to the costs of private language teaching for non-linguists where there is an academic need and where teaching is not available in the University. The College may pay up to half of these costs, to a maximum of 4 lessons per term.

Any support given for language lessons is subject to a maximum of £400 per year

Apply in writing to your Tutor, giving a detailed estimate of costs. Receipts/invoices should be sent to Dr Coombs.