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University support including harship funding

There are a large number of university funds and charities designed to help students pursue their studies. When the College receives notification of such awards they are advertised in the Hall Screens, which you should consult regularly. Otherwise students should consult the University website. Eligibility criteria for funds and charities vary, and can be quite specific. Some provide funding for the study of particular subjects, or for travel to particular places.

The University also has hardship funds to help students  and students are encouraged to consult this website - different support exists depending on whether you are an undergraduate or a gradate student.

Crane’s Charity is a university-based organisation that makes grants towards the cost of private medical treatment or counselling, or related expenses.  Further information is available here.

Child-CareThe College is part of the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme.  This can provide means-tested grants to overseas and EU students to help with childcare costs.  Different arrangements are in place for Home students; further information is available here.