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Rachel Guthartz - Ethiopia, August 2013
My trip started with a week of travelling, beginning in the exquisite Lalibela, famous for its eleven monolithic rock-hewn churches. We visited on the eve of an important religious holiday which meant that the churches were filled with people....Read more

Stephanie Barrett, Ethiopia - Summer 2013
Last summer I was able to spend a rewarding month running a summer school for 30 local children in Gondar, Ethiopia, in association with the charity Link Ethiopia. I taught drama, storytelling, English language and lexis and pronunciation...Read more

Abbie Greaves  – Ethiopia, Summer 2012
This summer I travelled to Gondar, Northern Ethiopia, with a group of four other Pembroke students. We spent three weeks teaching at a local school on a programme devised by Link Ethiopia...Read more

James Flesher - Ethiopia Trip 2012
In the month of August 2012, I and four other members of Pembroke College went to Gondar, Ethiopia, to work with a charity called Link Ethiopia. We were teaching in a school...Read more


Helen Denyer- Global Giving UK, Ghana, Summer 2013
I spent the entire summer working as a Project Evaluator for Global Giving UK in Ghana. Global Giving is an online fundraising and networking platform for grassroots charities across the globe...Read more

Roxanna Pourkarimi, Ghana (Accra and Asesewa), Summer 2013
This summer I spent a little over three weeks in Ghana: one week working with the charity African Gifted Foundation, a summer course for gifted teenagers brought together from across Africa, and another couple of weeks working at Asesewa Government Hospital....Read more

Sophie Winder-Rhodes - Elective Report: Ghana, 2012
I had always wanted to spend my elective in a developing country and welcomed this as an opportunity to get know a place in a way that really only comes from living and working there. Ghana stood out as being an English speaking, politically stable country with a reputation for being extremely friendly.... Read more


William Glennerster (Economics) - Kenya, Summer 2015
I travelled to Kenya for five weeks where I volunteered for a not-for-profit organisation called Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA). My main task was to help in the writing of an academic paper, onthe effects of offering dairy farmers loans for water tanks...Read more

Katie Duff (Law) – Kenya, Summer 2015
This summer I spent 5 weeks in Nairobi, Kenya volunteering with Maji Mazuri- a charity dedicated to improving the lives and opportunities of young people, disabled and impoverished children. My time in Kenya was an incredibly eye opening and broadening experience...Read more

Rhiannon Jones - Balloon Kenya, Summer 2015
I was determined to spend my summer doing something practical having never travelled to Africa before, I jumped at the chance to travel to Kenya, immerse myself in the Kenyan culture, and take part in a 6 week social entrepreneurship programme with ‘Balloon Ventures’...Read more

Stefan Ulrich– Nairobi, Kenya Summer 2015
This summer I travelled to Nairobi, as part of a volunteering project from Pembroke. A group of us, five undergraduates from a variety of classes, fundraised throughout the year and then travelled over for four weeks of our summer...Read more

Alison Humphreys (History) - Kenya, Summer 2015
My Mill Lane Award supported a month’s volunteering in Nairobi, Kenya, with the development charity Maji Mazuri. As I had travelled only a little before, it was fantastic for my personal development, especially in dealing with a different environment and problem-solving...Read more

Josephine Huetlin – Kenya, Summer 2013
I signed up with Education Partnerships Africa As a project worker to invest money in a secondary school in rural Kenya. I moved to the village just outside Kakamega to live with a wonderful woman called Nefreda Alkaya who was like the godfather of the town...Read more

Arham Qureshi - Kenyan Orphan Project 2013 (Kisumu, Kenya)
Last Summer, along with several other Cambridge students, I went to Nairobi where I embarked on the 10 hour bus journey to Kisumu in western Kenya to a charity known as the Kenyan Orphan Project (KOP). Our trip was based as the Ombeyi Primary school ....Read more


Ben Walton (Zoology) - Madagascar, Summer 2016
I lived and worked in Madagascar between the 19th of July and the 22nd September 2016, as a “Scientific Intern” at Anjajavy reserve, in the northwest of the island. The primary purpose of the trip was to complete the fieldwork for my part II Zoology research project. The country has outstanding wildlife..Read more

Louise Mundy - Elective, Mandritsara, Madagascar, 2013
When you think of Madagascar the images that spring to mind are of lemurs and rainforests, vanilla pods and baobabs. What most people don’t realise, is that it is one of the poorest countries in the world. This has had a huge impact on the health of the population...Read more


Julian Willis (PhD in Biological Sciences) - Morocco Lab Retreat, March 2015
This March my research group chose Morocco as its destination for the biannual lab retreat. By getting away we were able to engage in something different, and think in a different way from how we do in our normal environment at the LMB (Laboratory of Molecular Biology)...Read more

Joël Reland (History) – Morocco, Summer 2014
My decision to travel to Morocco this summer relates to Part II papers which put a significant emphasis on political theory and ideas of post colonialism. I arrived expecting French to be the lingua franca, yet it turns out that in the major cities English is an increasingly common means of interaction.... Read more

Siobhan Botwright (Natural Sciences) – Morocco, Summer 2013
I was one of ten European participants involved in a summer language teaching programme with a Moroccan NGO. I stayed with a Moroccan family in Sala El Jadida with three other volunteers and then I travelled independently around Morocco for a week...Read more

South Africa

Neil Shah (Economics) - Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Summer 2016
Pembroke’s travel grant allowed me to travel to Port Elizabeth, South Africa where I worked with a charity called United Through Sport. The aim of the charity is to send township children to university by helping them gain a place at a high performing secondary school by winning a sports scholarship...Read more

Ery Hughes - South Africa,  Summer 2012
Over the summer I undertook my part II mapping project on the Vredefort Dome, South Africa. The project involved producing a geological map with associated cross-sections and a report. The area we choose to map was the Vredefort Dome which is the largest and oldest impact crater on Earth.... Read more

Lucy Tweed - Geological Mapping, South Africa 2012
I spent 9 weeks in South Africa this summer carrying out a geological mapping project. The fieldwork formed the basis of our Part1 Project which specified a minimum of 28 days in the field making observations of the geology in order to produce a geological map.... Read more


Katie Duff (Law) – Tanzania internship, Summer 2016
This summer I completed a Human Rights and Legal Aid internship with AWLAHURIO (Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Organisation) in Arusha, Tanzania. The AWLAHURIO mission is ‘to promote access to justice, good governance and lobbying and advocate gender responsive policies for women and children.’..Read more

Rory White (Engineering) - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Summer 2016
This summer, I travelled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for two months as part of a group of 27 students from the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI), a student-run society whose mission is to empower and collaborate with students, professionals and local communities, to improve the quality of life for Tanzania’s underprivileged..Read more

Tristan Downing (Engineering) - Cambridge Development Initiative, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
This summer I was running the Cambridge Development Initiative’s (CDI) Engineering Project. The project consisted of three components, each of which I had to manage: simplified sewerage network construction, biogas device optimization, and fertilizer production...Read more

Samad Arshad (Engineering) - Tanzania with the Cambridge Development Initiative summer  2016.
The Cambridge Development Initiative is a student run society of about 30 Cambridge students, and aims to make sustainable impacts in the developing world. The plan is to develop the community of Tanzania to be able to improve their standard of life. This summer I worked with a team to construct a sewer network in a village in Dar es Salaam.

Will Gayne (Natural Sciences) – Implementing Simplified Sanitation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Summer 2016
The 2-month trip aimed to build on work carried out by Cambridge students over the previous 3 years, constructing simplified sewerage in the Vingunguti ward in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania...Read more

Ciara McCarthy (Natural Sciences) - Tanzania, Summer 2015
After 48 hours of travelling, we bumped up a red dirt track towards Mvumi village in rural Tanzania, unsure what to expect. However, our month there surpassed my expectations in so many ways. To start with, the village was a lot bigger and more bustling than I’d imagined...Read more

Tristan Downing (Engineering) – Tanzania, Summer 2015
The Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) is a student-run NGO that operates four projects – Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Health – in Dar es Salaam (Dar), Tanzania. I was working as an engineer, focusing on the technical side, on the Engineering project...Read more

Zahira Butt (Law) – Tanzania, Summer 2015
I travelled to Dodoma, Tanzania to volunteer at DCT Mvumi Secondary School. My visit was a great learning curve: I had never travelled to Africa before, nor had any experience of systems of education beyond that of the UK....Read more

Glenn Edwards(Politics) - Tanzania, Summer 2012
As I had hoped, my trip to Tanzania during the summer of 2012 appeared to be of great benefit both to me and to the children my team worked with. Firstly, we engaged in several activities in order to give the students maximum exposure to the English language..... Read more

Joe Temple – Tanzania, Summer 2012
Teaching at DCT Mvumi Secondary School was a positive experience for everyone in our group.  We were warmly welcomed by both pupils and staff.  The remoteness of the village immersed us completely in Tanzanian culture.  Most of my time in school hours was spent working with....Read more


Katie Fox (Veterinary Medicine) - Zambia, Summer 2016
This summer I spent almost three weeks in Zambia with a group of people from Holy Trinity Cambridge, to work with a Christian charity out there called ‘The Jubilee Centre’. Most of our time in Zambia was spent in the Northern town of Ndola and we travelled to a district called 'Mapalo' which is one of the poorest areas of the town...Read more