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Asia and the Far East

China ¦  Japan ¦  Mongolia  ¦  North Korea  ¦ South Korea  ¦ Vietnam


Katie Pringle (HSPS) - China and Hong Kong, Summer 2016

For four weeks during the summer I took part in an English-speaking summer camp for Chinese children aged 11-15. The prospect of going to China evoked at once excitement and a sort of nervous anticipation. China has been of huge fascination to me for a number of years, not least as a politics student, given its remarkable economic growth in spite of its largely communist political regime more

Alex Westin-Hardy (Natural Sciences) – Learn, Live and Intern in China, Summer 2016

This summer I spent 10 weeks participating in the Learn, Live and Intern in China (LLIC) programme run by the University of Hong Kong. Bringing together undergraduate students from top universities worldwide, the programme consisted of a one week seminar series at the University of Hong Kong and an 8 week internship at the Shanghai offices of Boehringer Ingelheim, a global top 20 pharmaceutical company more

Jessica Farmery (HSPS) – Beijing, Summer 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the CRCC Asia Summer Internship Programme and I chose Beijing as the location for my internship, as I was attracted by the rich culture and history offered by the city, as well as the chance to experience the clash between ‘traditional’ and ‘modernising’ China more

Joseph Leech (History)- Learn, Live and Intern in China 2015

The depth of Chinese civilisation has long been a personal fascination for me, and the ‘Learn, Live and Intern in China’ programme presented an unparalleled opportunity to deepen my understanding not only of China and Mandarin but also of the constantly turbulent Chinese economic environment more

Rhianna Ilube (PPS) - Live, Learn and Intern in China, Summer 2014

This summer, I spent 9 weeks abroad as a participant on the ‘LLIC’ (Live, Learn and Intern in China) Programme.  I spent the first 2 weeks at the University of Hong Kong. The last 7 weeks was spent in Shanghai, where I worked as an intern more

Keiler Totz (Chemical Engineering) - Learn, Live, and Intern in China, Summer 2014

T China’s five thousand year old history and explosive economic growth creates an exciting environment for educational and cultural learning.  Ever since I was first introduced to Mandarin Chinese while living in Singapore, I have wanted to enrich my knowledge of Asia more

Helena Roy (Economics) – ‘Learn, Live and Intern in China’ HKU, China, Summer 2014

This summer I took part in the nine-week ‘Learn, Live and Intern in China’ programme with Hong Kong University (HKU). The programme comprised two weeks spent in Hong Kong, studying a course entitled ‘Global Business in Asia’, and seven weeks working in Shanghai more


Marta de Andres - JLSP Program,Tokyo, Summer 2016

I wanted to travel the world, live elsewhere, experience a culture so completely different from my own. The JLSP program offered by Pembroke gave me such an opportunity. The course at Nihon University was fantastic. It combined both learning the Japanese language with  additional classes for learning about Japanese culture more

Bryan Cheung (Chemical Engineering) – Japan, summer 2016

I spent 3 weeks in the Kansai region of Japan this summer and travelled around the various cities in the region including Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Wakayama; in particular I lived in Kobe for 2 weeks where I took a Japanese language course at a local school. My motivation to head to Japan was mainly to experience the Japanese culture more

Lewis Lloyd (PPS) – JLSP Exchange Programme, Tokyo Autumn 2015

Growing up, there were times when Japan seemed to be the fountainhead of everything I loved: Dragon Ball Z; manga. Nintendo, Pokémon and Mario and Zelda. A few years down the line, it was the literature then the art and the street fashion. Suffice it to say, I’ve been eager to visit the country for quite a while. The Japanese Language and Studies Programme at Nihon University looked the perfect opportunity: It didn’t disappoint more

Paraic Chung (Engineering) - Japan JLSP Exchange Programme, Tokyo Autumn 2013

I decided  to  go  to  Japan  on  the  JLSP  programme  at  Nihon  University, primarily to improve my language skills by immersing myself in the Japanese culture. So I packed up my bags and got on the plane bound for Tokyo, readying myself for a culture I had been learning about for so long.... more

Matthew Pullen - Pembroke Players’ Japan Tour 2013

This year I was lucky enough to be selected as Tour Manager for the Pembroke Players’ Japan Tour. The tour gives Cambridge students the opportunity to take a Shakespeare play to Japan, to perform it at universities and professional theatres, and to deliver educational workshops.... more


Liz Adams (Law) - Mongolia, September 2016

During September and October 2016, I spent 5 weeks in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I travelled to the city with another undergraduate from Corpus Christi college as part of the ELST (English Language Studies for Tibetans) programme. We went to work and live in the Asral Centre NGO on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar more

Kevin Martin (Medicine) - Mongolia, Summer 2012

This summer I spent three weeks in Mongolia volunteering with a local NGO, New Choice. I worked for two weeks in a family health clinic on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar followed by a week in a nearby orphanage. In Ulaanbaatar the gap between rich and poor was very evident.... more

North Korea

Lucy Lim (HSPS) – North Korea, Summer 2014

The image of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is, for most, one that treats this anomaly as a quasi-joke. Newspapers are peppered with comic relief articles about state-approved haircuts and Kim Jong-un’s penchant for NBA basketball...What it seen in North Korea is what the state want you to see... more

Liz Adams (Law) – North Korea, Summer 2014

I travelled to North Korea in August 2014 with an English tour company for a 4 day tour. Having initially thought that this was not even nearly enough time to spend in a country to have any feel of it, by the time we were leaving, I felt like I`d been there a few months more

Matthew Pullen (Natural Sciences) - North Korea, Summer 2012

After the stress of exam term and the exhaustion of May Week everybody needs a holiday. Most jet off to some postcard-perfect paradise but I fancied something a little different. I went to North Korea. The thing is I’ve been interested in Korea for a while now. I visited the South last more

South Korea

Leila Senegri (HSPS) – Seoul and Tokyo, December 2016-January 2017

I have always had an interest in Korean and Japanese history and culture. More recently, I have become engrossed by Korean popular culture, particularly ‘k-pop’ music and television programmes. The purpose of my travel was to try to see why and how people around the world are now engrossed by Korean media, ‘Hallyu’ (or, the ‘Korean Wave’) more

Emma Crossman (Manufacturing Engineering) -  South Korea, Summer 2012

In the first week of July, the week immediately following graduation week, myself and my colleagues studying Manufacturing Engineering set off to South Korea for a two week study tour. The aim of the tour was to investigate what sustainability policies South Korea more


Joël Reland – Vietnam and Cambodia, Summer 2013

One of my key motivations for visiting Vietnam was to see first hand a country which over the last century has been subject to much manipulation and suffering at the hands of Western Imperialism. Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, we were instantly hit by the paradoxes of modern Vietnam more