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Central and South America

Brazil ¦  Costa Rica ¦  Cuba  ¦ Ecuador  ¦ Guyana ¦ Nicaragua ¦ Panama  ¦ Uruguay

James Hutt - South America , Summer 2013
I arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru, to begin my two month trip across South America. Travelling by bus we saw the Nazca Lines, Huacachina a desert Oasis and the capital itself before flying to Cuzco for the Inca trail. During the 4 day trek through the Andes...Read more


William Spence - Brazil , July 2015.
The purpose of the trip was to complete a three-week internship in a leading law firm in São Paulo, one of the ‘most admired’ in environmental, arbitration and tax law. As an intern my areas of work included tax consultancy and international energy law...Read more

Sebastian Cutler – Brazil and Argentina, September 2015
On 9th September I was catapulted into the hustle and bustle of Rio de Janeiro city life. Here I spent 6 nights absorbing the fantastic Brazilian culture, which ranged from samba parties in the Lapa district to tucking into local delicacies ...Read more

Roberta Wilkinson - EcoHouse Placement in Brazil, Summer 2014
I spent almost 2 months in São Paulo, Brazil, as part of the Cambridge EcoHouse Initiative, whose aim is to design low cost, sustainable products (predominantly housing) which enhance the quality of life for communities living in poverty across Latin America... Read more

Costa Rica

Jacob Ashton (Natural Sciences) – Costa Rica, Summer 2016

I was fortunate enough to spend the summer in a Costa Rican tropical paradise. I was staying with a family who had decided to up sticks from London and renovate an ecolodge, nestled within rainforest adjacent to the warm waters of the Golfo Dulce.  I undertook a variety of tasks, along with two other students, to earn my keep...Read more

Alex Nicol-Harper – Costa Rica, Summer 2015
In June 2015, I graduated from Zoology and a month later I left for 6 weeks in Costa Rica. Before starting a volunteer placement, I spent a fortnight travelling in order to familiarise myself with this new country and culture – and to acclimatise to the climate!...Read more

Kathy Darragh – Costa Rica & Panama 2015
I volunteered for two weeks this summer at a turtle reserve in Ojochal, Costa Rica.  I experienced a wide variety of ecosystems and wildlife, both on trips in nature reserves and also on a day-to-day basis wandering around the towns and villages. It really opened my eyes...Read more


Phin Adams – Dissertation Research in Cuba, Summer 2013
I chose Cuba as an interesting starting point, for looking at broadcasting, as the intention was to do a comparison between religious broadcasting in the UK and across the continent. It was through visiting Habana FM that I learnt about the nature of broadcasting in a country so diverse as Cuba....Read more

Vanessa Lea (Archaeology & Anthropology) – Cuba, July 2012
In July 2012 I spent 4 weeks on an introduction to documentary filmmaking course in Cuba which I applied for via the Latin American Department of UCL. Located one hour away from Havana, EICTV was founded by Gabriel Garcia Márquez in 1986. We received classes...Read more


Archie Lodge (Engineering) - Ecuador, Summer 2014
I am an Engineering student who has been working with the Eco House Initiative student society in Cambridge for two years, initially in charge of a team working to improve ventilation, thermal comfort, and liveability in emergency-style wooden houses built in Brazilian favelas...Read more

Tristan Downing (Engineering) – Ecuador, Summer 2013
My trip to Ecuador lasted five weeks, as Training Director with the EcoHouse Initiative, a technical consultancy for the large South American NGO, TECHO. TECHO is primarily concerned with the construction of housing for poor people and improving the condition of Latin American slums....Read more

Vanessa Lea (Social Anthropology) - Fieldwork, Ecuador
Following on from a previous experience as a volunteer at the Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve in the Amazon rainforest, I returned to conduct the fieldwork necessary for my dissertation as part of the Archaeology and Anthropology tripos....Read more

Charlotte Little (Medicine) – Ecuador, Summer 2011
This summer I spent six and a half weeks volunteering and travelling in Ecuador. It proved to be one of the most exciting, interesting and inspiring experiences of my life...Read more

Bella Plumptre (Natural Sciences) – Ecuador, Summer 2012
After three flights, several days and countless rom-coms, I arrived in Quito and was greeted by an inexplicably smiley man (given that he’d been waiting for me for the past two hours)...Read more

Stephanie Willis (Engineering) - Quito, Ecuador, October 2012
I went to Ecuador because I had an Engineer’s Without Borders placement in Quito with the EcoHouse Initiative. The placement was 5 weeks long but I decided to travel for 3 weeks...Read more


Alice Petherick (Natural Sciences) – Operation Wallacea, Guyana, Summer 2016
I was lucky enough to spend 4 weeks in Guyana with Operation Wallacea as a research assistant this summer, working at 3 different sites and on 6 different survey projects. The projects aim to look at all different trophic levels, from forest structure and dung beetle diversity, to birds, bats, herpetofauna, and mammal surveys...Read more

Mark Titley – Operation Wallacea, Guyana 2015
I spent a month this summer working as a research assistant on the six different surveying projects that Operation Wallacea was running in Guyana. These included mist netting for birds and bats, large mammal surveys, dung beetle surveys and forest structure plots....Read more


Emma Burbridge (Social and Political Sciences) – Nicaragua, 2010
Our time in Nicaragua was split between three places: Managua, Ometepe and Bluefields. I was really grateful to be able to experience the different characters of these three places and to participate in the array of projects underway in each. Our first stop...Read more


Janneke Simpson – Panama, Summer 2013
In July 2013, I spent 3 weeks in Panama. I spent one week in Panama City doing research for my dissertation, and the second part of the trip in Yaviza on a Human Rights Brigade organised by Global Brigades. The aim of the trip was to bring legal advice to isolated communities.....Read more

Thanh-Lan Gluckman (Zoology) – Panama, 2012
The travel grant enabled me to extend my research goals to include the tropics – Panama. The focus of my research is to understand why animals possess visual patterns, for example, the barring and spots found in bird plumage....Read more


Laura Blomvall (English) – Montevideo, September 2012
I travelled to Montevideo and attended lectures at the Universidad ORT Uruguay. After getting used to the Latin American pronunciation, I was able to understand and participate in the lectures, which were more interactive than those in Cambridge....Read more