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Edward Limb (English)-  European Theatre Group Tour, Christmas 2015
Every Christmas the Cambridge University European Theatre Group (ETG) tours Central Europe with a Shakespeare play, mainly visiting schools and universities with performances, and workshops designed to dovetail with the pupils' English lessons.This year’s production was Hamlet, and our tour took us to  Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Luxembourg over two weeks...Read more

Audrey Claire Lejeune (Architecture) – 3 European Cities, Summer 2014
This was a comparative trip between Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), and Amsterdam (Netherlands). The aim of this trip was to witness and understand how history influenced the urban fabric of these European cities...Read more


Nicholas Lee (PhD in Biological Science) - Vienna, December 2015
I joined St. John's Voices, the mixed-voice choir of St. John's College, on its tour to Vienna. The trip was a significant opportunity for both the choir and myself. The choir performed in a number of well-regarded public venues, in addition to participating in other aspects of Viennese musical more


Joseph Curran – Orchestra Tour to Belgium, Summer 2016
I spent a week on tour in Belgium with the Cambridge University Wind Orchestra (CUWO). This was CUWO’s inaugural tour and so represented a significant opportunity for both the orchestra and its players. I had been involved with planning, organising and running the tour, from its conception through to disembarking the coach at the end of the week in London...Read more

Andra-Lucia Martinescu (PhD in International Relations) – Brussels, March 2013
As part of my research I undertook a field trip to Brussels, completing interviews at various Directorates General of the European Commission...Read more

 Czech Republic

Jenny Haigh (Archaeology & Anthropology) - Prague, Summer 2012
I spent a week in Prague on a short and intensive summer school about China and its future on the world stage. Located west of Prague’s centre in district 2, the course was organised .. Read more


Duy Le (HSPS) – Vietnamese Buddhist retreat, France, Summer 2016
Thanks to the support from the B M Rowe trust fund, I was able to travel to France to attend a meditation retreat at Plum Village, a Vietnamese Buddhist community in Thenac. It was an eye-opening and inspiring experience that will no doubt lay the basis for my dissertation in my 3rd year...Read more

Ciara Rowland-Simms (Physics) - Lyon, France, Summer 2015
I spent two weeks living with a French host and studying at a local language school in Lyon. I had visited Lyon on a French exchange at the age of 14, and I thought it would be an excellent place to begin patching up and furthering my knowledge of the French language...Read more

James Flesher (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) – France, August 2014
In Summer 2014, I went to Toulouse and Lyon, France, to work on improving my French. I spent the first few days in Toulouse, staying with a home-stay family...Read more

Patrick Kirkham (Natural Sciences) - Rambouillet,France –Summer 2012
A four week intensive French course at Rambouillet, France.  On the first day we had a written and oral test to decide which of the four groups we were in. I was in Saint Tropez...Read more

Louise Armstrong (Modern European History) – Alsace, April 2013
The main focus of the MPhil in Modern European History is a 25,000 word dissertation to be completed by June.  The topic of my dissertation is post-war Alsace .... Read more


Jennifer Brewin (History of Art PhD) – Tbilisi, Georgia, October 2012
My first major doctoral research trip, of around 6 weeks in total, was to the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi. The first aim of the trip was to familiarise myself with potential sources of primary research material... Read more


Jenny Whitby - Tour to Cologne with CUMS Symphony Orchestra, July 2016
Thanks to the generous funding given to me by Pembroke College I was able to accompany the Cambridge University Music Society Symphony Orchestra (CUMS SO) on their summer tour to Cologne. I play the flute and piccolo, and have been a member of CUMS SO for the last two years.  I was excited for the tour as it allowed me to play some of my favourite classical works..Read more

Lucy D’Urso - Language Course in Berlin, December 2015
I visited Berlin to attend a German language school. Having never spoken German outside of Cambridge, I found staying with a host family in East Berlin really useful because I was immersed in the language in a way I had never been before...Read more

Alec Murray Brown (Modern and Medieval Languages) – Köln, Easter 2015
For a week in the middle of the Easter holidays, I went to Köln in order to practice my spoken German. I was staying in a hostel about a five minute walk from the Kölner Dom, and it was great to have a mix of nationalities in my dorm – Germans, Austrians and Italians...Read more

Rachel Kay (HSPS) Fieldwork in Berlin, 2015
I lived in Berlin for six weeks in the district of Prenzlauerberg, formerly in East Berlin, The bulk of my fieldwork was ethnographic – consisting of interviews and participant observation mostly in and around the Volkspark, with some archival work too...Read more

Audrey Lejeune (Architecture) - Berlin, 2014
At 8.45am we met up with the tutors in front of the Reichstag. We went up to the dome (Norman Foster) and took time to sketch the structure. It is strangely separate from the Parliament building it sits on, yet it seems connected to the city...Read more

Mary Karavaggelis (Engineering) – Bremen, Germany 2013
This year the Latin Formation World Championships were held in Bremen, Germany.  England had two teams in the competition, which took over almost an entire airplane and was greeted at the airport by our German hosts...Read more

Sam Wilks - (Medicine) German Language Course, Heidelberg 2013
Thanks to generous part funding by Pembroke College I was able to take part in the 2013 “Internationaler Ferienkurs für Deutsche Sprache und Kultur” from 5-30 August. I had self -taught German since the previous November, alongside my medical degree...Read more


Cansu Karabijik (Medical Science PhD) - Souda Refugee Camp in Chios, Greece, January 2017
From 30th December 2016 to 8th January 2017, I went to assist the Chios Eastern Shore Response Team (CESRT) with their work with refugees at the Souda Camp. CESRT is the only response team at the island and currently there are over 3000 refugees at Chios with new boats coming in daily from Turkey.The stay in Chios helped us assess the needs of the refugees...Read more

Theodore Hill (Classics) – Athens, Summer 2014
I spent 24 August to 13 September on the British School at Athens Undergraduate Course, along with a few dozen other undergraduates from British universities. This course involved visiting archaeological sites and museums throughout the south of Greece... Read more

Anna Judson (PhD in Classics) – Knossos, Easter 2014
Thanks to the College’s generous support, I was able to attend the Knossos Postgraduate Course in Prehistoric, Greek and Roman Pottery, run by the British School at Athens, in April 2014...Read more


Lucy Tweed (Earth Sciences)-Iceland, Summer 2013
Flying out from Heathrow in mid-July I waved goodbye to any notion of summer. Coming into land in Keflavík airport my first impression of Iceland was not particularly promising: a cold desolate landscape whose harsh flat plains of dark basalt were under constant torment from a driving rain...Read more


Alex Szlezinger (Theology and Religious Studies)– Italy, Summer 2016
In July 2016 I travelled around Italy attempting to understand how religion featured in modern society as well as visiting some of the famous Christian and classical sites.  As a student of religion who has a particular interest in Reformation history and Christianity in late antiquity, I revelled at the possibility of seeing some of the iconic places first hand...Read more

Michaela Morgan (Classics) – Italy, Summer 2016
On the 31st August I departed for a week in Italy spent studying Roman art and architecture related to the idea of ‘otium’ and especially upper class leisure on the bay of Naples.  I had planned to spend the first two days in Rome as the largest collections of ancient art in Italy are naturally here... Read more

Wallis Power (Music) – Italy, Summer 2016
It was with the generous help of the Christine Hansen music travel scholarship that I was able to spend a week of my summer vacation enjoying a truly inspirational cello course in Tereglio, Italy, a beautiful village set in the idyllic surroundings of the Tuscan hillside...Read more

Matilda Curson (MML) - Montalcino, Tuscany - Summer 2016
I was fortunate enough to spend three and a half weeks of my summer vacation with an Italian family, based in the beautiful Tuscan hill town of Montalcino. The main aim of the trip was to consolidate everything that I had learnt in my first year of learning ab-initio Italian . In return for welcoming me into their home, on week days I taught English to the two children of the family...Read more

Matilda Curson (MML) - Florence, March/April 2016
The main reason for my trip was to attend a language course run by the British Institut of Florence, which had been specially organised to suit the needs of the first year Cambridge ab initio Italian class. It was a brilliant opportunity...Read more

Scarlett Walsh (History of Art) - Italy, Easter 2016
At the end of Lent term myself and the five other members of my ‘Art and Architecture in the Age of Giotto’ course travelled to Florence. That day we met our course convenor at the Uffizi Gallery and spent most of the afternoon in the first room looking at the enthroned Madonnas by Cimabue, Duccio and more

Isobel Gooder (MML) – Tuscany, Summer 2015
This summer saw a three week trip to Italy. I am spending the first six months of my Year Abroad in Milan from mid-September, and decided therefore to brush up on my Italian language and hand gesturing skills. The trip took the form of a mini road trip. I flew into Florence...Read more

Monika Kondratowicz - Art History Abroad Course, Italy, 2015
It may seem strange to anyone reading this that a medic decided to spend two weeks of her life on an art history course. The reason was simple curiosity about the world unexplored in my medical studies! The first five days were spent in Venice, the most picturesque, rustic and tourist-friendly place...Read more

Abigail Johnson (Architecture) – Florence, December 2014
My trip to Florence was organised by the department to provide an opportunity to study the city in relation to my design studio project. Our trip to Florence was focused on studying three main aspects of the city- the piazza, the palazzo and the street...Read more

Richard Stockwell (MPhil Theoretical & Applied Linguistics) – Italy, Easter 2015
I was very fortunate to spend a week in Veneto with the help of a Keith Sykes Award for travel in Italy.   Venice has become a must-see oddity, as much for its entertainingly eccentric tourism industry as its unique situation and history...Read more

Elena Ilioi (PhD in Psychology)– Italy, Summer 2014
While on my trip to Italy this June, I first spend a few days in Florence, where I was able to enjoy watching all of the life that fills the piazzas throughout the day. I walked through the amazing art and architecture of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence... Read more

Constance Chapman (Classics) - Fiesole, Italy, 2014
This summer I spent 6 weeks in the beautiful town of Fiesole, just outside of Florence. I was working as an au pair with an Italian family in order to improve my Italian language. I spent three hours a day looking after a two-year-old boy... Read more


Ciara McCarthy (Natural Sciences) - La Quinta de San Pedro Field Centre, Portugal, March 2016
In March I travelled to La Quinta de San Pedro Field Centre near Lisbon for a Plant Sciences Field Course. The trip gave us the opportunity to consolidate what we had learnt in lectures and well as carry out projects in groups...Read more

Ben Walton - IB Plant Sciences field trip, La Quinta de Sao Pedro, March 2016
In March 2014 I attended a Plant Sciences field trip based on the outskirts of Lisbon. The field centre where we stayed was set in grounds containing a diverse representation of Mediterranean flora, which we studied over the week..Read more

Jacob Ashton La Quinta de Sao Pedro Field Centre, Portugal, March 2015
40 Plant Science students spent a week in Portugal to examine the unique vegetation found there. We stayed at the Quinta de Sao Pedro, a plot of land just outside Lisbon containing the accommodation, a research laboratory and library, a small farmstead and a variety of more

Alex Nicol-Harper – La Quinta de Sao Pedro Field Centre, Portugal, March 2014
I attended a Plant Sciences field course based at La Quinta de Sao Pedro Field Centre near Lisbon. The aims of the trip were to consolidate lecture material, learn to identify plant families and complete an experimental project...Read more


Alex Westin-Hardy – Tarnava Mare, Romania, July 2015
This summer I spent two weeks working as a Research Assistant on an Operation Wallacea expedition in the Tarnava Mare, at the foothills of the Carpathians. This stunning area of Transylvania...Read more


Carine Valarche - St Petersburg, September 2016
I was able to spend three weeks in St Petersburg this summer, alongside other Cambridge students, and I am amazed by how much I learnt about Russia and Russian people. Though I had been to Russia several times before...Read more

Sabrina Hogan - St Petersburg, September 2015
My trip to St Petersburg was a truly thrilling experience. Studying Russian, and never having been to the country before, I was tremendously excited, but also apprehensive about what to expect. St Petersburg, I found, is somewhat of a hybrid city...Read more

Isabel Husband – Russia, Summer 2015
I was fortunate enough to travel to Russia for 3 weeks in order to complete a course at the Benedict School in central St Petersburg. My main objective was to develop my vocabulary and understanding of Russian language, but also to encounter Russian culture and history...Read more

Claire Burchett – Russia, Summer 2015
Thanks to Pembroke’s funding, I was able to spend 2 weeks on a language course in the Russian city of Petrozavodsk. Going to Russia was incredibly important to me, not only to consolidate my language skills, but also to show me whether going to Russia on my year abroad would suit me... Read more

Imogen Evans – Russia, December 2013
I took a week-long trip to Russia, staying in Yaroslavl and Moscow, in an attempt to revitalise the spoken Russian which I had gained during my Year Abroad and to spend some time re-imersing myself in Russian culture...Read more

Steph Spreadborough – St Petersburg, Summer 2013
This September I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks on a Russian language course in St Petersburg...Read more


Tonicha Upham (Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic) - Oslo, Bergen and Stockholm, 2016
An interest in Viking Age burial practices led to a dissertation topic on evidence of trade in female burials. I planned a trip to Oslo, Bergen and Stockholm into gain a more comprehensive understanding of these burials. I spent a fortnight in Scandinavia, starting in Oslo. The main place of interest here was the Viking Ship Museum...Read more

Stephanie Willis (Engineering) - Scandinavia, 2013
This summer I spent 5 weeks in a Ford Transit van exploring Scandinavia. An interest in large-scale sustainable energy production prompted me to visit 3 countries that are far ahead of the UK...Read more


Matthew Shaw (Physics) - From UK to Bratislava, August 2012
This summer I took part in Bratislava or Bust, a charity European rally organised by Student Adventures. We bought a a BMW 323i for under £500, pimped it up, and then competed against 30 other teams for the title of rally champion...Read more


Henry Kerrison (Physics/Earth Sciences) – Geological Mapping, Northern Spain, Summer 2016
During the summer break, I joined some fellow students in Northern Spain during their 6 week Part II Geological Mapping Project. I stayed in the scenic village of Murillo de Gállego. There was a spectacular view from my accommodation which was dominated by the most prominent feature on the landscape… the Mallos de Riglos..Read more

Eleanor Smith (MML) – Almería, Summer 2016
I spent 3 weeks in the Almería province of Spain, volunteering in two guesthouses in the desert, with the aim of improving my oral Spanish communication skills. I was completely immersed in Spanish, as the vast majority of guests and volunteers spoke no English...Read more

Roberta Wilkinson - Geological Mapping, Spain, Summer 2015
This summer I spent around 6 weeks in Prades, a very small picturesque village in Catalonia, to do my 3rd year Geological Sciences mapping project research in the mountains surrounding the village. I spent around 30 days in the field, collecting data and samples....Read more

Lily Maxwell – Madrid, Easter 2014
I visited Madrid for 6 days in order to take language lessons. My lessons lasted from Monday to Thursday, and then on Friday and Saturday I was able to explore the city and see some of its amazing architecture, culture and history. I also stayed with a Spanish family...Read more

Gwynneth Jones – Valencia, Summer 2013
Having been out of Mexico for over two months I took a trip to Spain to refresh my Spanish in time for my Part II orals. I decided to combine my visit with some language lessons and chose the Catalan-speaking city of Valencia for my trip...Read more

Emma Brownlee - Zamartze Cemetery Excavations, Northern Spain, July 2013
I spent just over three weeks at a mortuary archaeology field school in the Basque region of Spain as part of the archaeological fieldwork compulsory for my course. The project was focused around the monastery of Zamartze and its cemetery. I was part of the team focusing on...Read more


Yannick Mayaud (Music) Basel, Switzerland, 2015
As part of my final year music degree coursework I have chosen to submit a notation portfolio, focussed on the work of the New York composer Morton Feldman. A large number of Feldman's personal manuscripts are held in the Paul Sacher Institute in Basel ...Read more

Tom Williams (Medicine) – Internship in Geneva, Summer 2014
This summer I spent 2 months in Geneva working in PATH’s Vaccine Access and Delivery (VAD) Program under the direction of Dr Dan Miller. The majority of my work was focused on the ongoing efforts to eradicate polio... Read more

Phelim Brady (PPS) - Geneva, Summer 2013
This summer I was very fortunate to be offered a placement in the Director General’s Office (DGO) at the World Health Organization. The DGO was a brilliant environment for me to get a taste of the politics and diplomacy of public health and of a large United Nations agency...Read more


Imogen Evans (MML) -  Kiev, Easter 2012
Over the Easter vacation I went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, for two weeks to take part in a Russian language course. This involved about three hours of teaching per day...Read more