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Middle East

Egypt  ¦  Iran  ¦ Israel ¦  Jordan  ¦ Lebanon ¦ Palestine ¦Qatar ¦  Syria  ¦ Turkey

Joseph Spencer - Jordan, Israel and Palestine, Summer 2013
Alex Stride and I travelled for 12 days through Jordan, Israel and the West Bank (Palestinian Occupied Territories). We decided to go to that part of the Middle East because we both have an interest in the politics and history of the region, and Jordan & Israel are arguably the most peaceful parts of that region at the moment (which is not saying much)....Read more

Alex Walsh (Middle Eastern Studies), Cairo, December 2012
My main purpose in going to Cairo was to use the National Archives for Research. It was also helpful for my Arabic, especially my Egyptian colloquial Arabic....Read more


Peyvand Firouzeh (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies PhD) - Iran, March 2012
My field research in Iran, supported by a generous travel grant from Pembroke College, was undertaken to visit the shrine complex of Shāh Ni’matullāh Valī at Mahan, Central Iran. The aim of my PhD dissertation, is to study the patronage of Sufi architecture at the time of the Timurids in Iran (14th-16th centuries)...Read more


Jules Robertson (MBA) -Judge Business School Israel Trek, January 2017
In the first week of January, 37 MBA students gathered in Israel for the CJBS Israel Trek. The
primary aim of the trek was to learn about the startup ecosystem of the nation and the factors that
have helped propel it to become one of the most successful startup nations in the world. In addition,
the trip included activities ...Read more

Kristina Chiappetta (MBA) - Judge Business School Israel Trek, January 2017
The 2017 Israel Trek, organized by MBA students at Judge Business School included visits to Jerusalem political offices, startup spaces, and cultural sites, a Bedouin hospitality experience in the desert, a hike up to the ancient fortress of Masada, and time with Tel Aviv startups and venture capital firms...Read more

Kathrin Göransson – Israel, Easter 2014
A Pembroke grant enabled me to spend two weeks in Israel to interview Jewish speakers of North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic (NENA) dialects. Apart from collecting data, I also used the opportunity of being in Israel to meet with academ-ics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem....Read more

James Flesher (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) - Jordan and Israel, Summer 2012
From the 13th to the 27th of September 2012, I along with two other Valencians and a fellow Arabist, travelled to Jordan and Israel. The primary aims of the trip were to spend as much time speaking Arabic as possible, and to experience Jordanian / Israeli culture. We started in the capital, Amman, just for one night, and then travelled to Jerusalem....Read more

Ruth Waxman (Natural Sciences) – Israel, August 2012
In the Hebrew University Laboratories of Jerusalem, I worked on a project in the Institute of Dental Research. Throughout the month, I contributed to a number of different experiments that were going on concurrently, all involving ligament regeneration. On average, I worked about 8 hours a day...Read more


Tom McGee (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) - Jordan, September 2014
I was keen to travel to the Middle East in order to expose myself to the Arabic language and culture. During the first fortnight I studied both Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Dialect at MALIC Language School in Amman.  I chose to live with a local Jordanian family... Read more

Alastair White (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) - Jordan and Israel, September 2012
For two weeks I travelled with 3 friends around Jordan and Israel. Having spent most of our first year concentrating on formal, written Arabic, we were keen to try to speak the colloquial form – especially as we will be starting our ‘Year Abroad’ in under a year’s time....Read more


Jennie King (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) - Lebanon, Easter 2011
This Easter I travelled to Lebanon with a group of fellow Arabic students.  I didn’t know what to expect, but from the moment we arrived, we were lovingly embraced (and kissed on both cheeks) by the sprawling capital that is Beirut, in all its quirky, complex and oft-confusing splendour.... Read more


Philip Rushworth (Asian & Middle Eastern Studies) - Palestine, Summer 2016
I am very grateful to have had this fantastic opportunity to attend a two-month colloquial Arabic course to work on improving my level of spoken Arabic. There were three reasons to go to Palestine: to work specifically on the ‘shammy’ dialect spoken in Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon; to learn at Birzeit University; just as important, however, was my interest in Palestine...Read more


Abigail Johnson (Architecture) - Doha (Qatar), September 2014
I visited Doha to conduct research for my Architecture dissertation. The construction industry in Qatar is currently particularly relevant in the news, in relation to the investigation into the inhumane living conditions of the thousands of migrant workers involved in the construction of the country’s infrastructure for the 2020 World Cup...Read more


Elspeth Carruthers (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) - Syria and Lebanon, 2010.
I was fortunate to receive the Derek Rose Memorial Studentship which I used to travel to the Levant in June and July of this summer, spending six weeks in total in Syria and Lebanon. I lived for the most part in the Old City of Damascus, in the quarter around Bab Touma, one of the most diverse in Damascus..Read more

Christine Murphy (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies) - Damascus, Syria, Summer 2010
During my stay in Damascus, I was studying at the Levantine Language School and staying in accommodation owned by the school. Although it was only for a month, we studied 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, specializing in the Syrian dialect rather than the written form of Arabic....Read more


Andrew O’Brien (History) – Istanbul, September 2010
I planned this trip to Istanbul as a apt epilogue to my studies regarding the Ottoman empire during my History Part I degree, as well as because I wanted to visit the traditional ‘meeting point’ of Europe and Asia.  I visited the key monuments of the Ottoman Empire...Read more