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Neria Aylward (HSPS) - Iqaluit, Canada, Summer 2016
This summer I travelled to Iqaluit, Canada, to undertake research for my final year dissertation in social anthropology, which examines the impact of international animal rights activism on the Inuit seal hunt of Canada. In my trip to Iqaluit – the capital of Nunavut, Canada’s youngest and predominantly Inuit territory...Read more

Edward Bankes (HPS) – Toronto, Canada and New York City, April 2014
I travelled to two archives in North America, one in Toronto and the other New York, as part of my research for my Part III HPS Dissertation, entitled ‘The experience of human kinds: safe-sex in Toronto 1980-1989’...Read more

Marianne Butler (Archaeology & Anthropology) - Canada July 2011- March 2012
After graduation I travelled to Canada with vague plans of working on a ranch in the summer and a ski resort in the winter before returning to the UK in the spring.  After arriving in Calgary I was offered a position as a Ranch Experience hand on the Rafter Six Ranch Resort...Read more


Eleanor Mitchell (English Studies PhD) – Cambridge American Stage Tour September 2016
The Cambridge American Stage Tour (CAST) aims to bring the work of Shakespeare to as wide an audience as possible in the eastern United States and 2016’s tour was As You Like It. As Production Designer and Stage Manager, I was in Cambridge throughout August for the rehearsal period.  At the beginning of September, we travelled to the Cayman Islands, before making our way up the east coast of America...Read more

Scarlett Walsh (History of Art) - New York, July-August 2016
For six weeks, from the beginning of July to mid-August, I worked at Christie’s auction house, New York, in both the Special Events and Old Masters departments as part of the company’s summer internship program. Within the Special Events team I helped organise functions for clients that ran alongside and promoted upcoming sales...Read more

Rhiannon Jones (HSPS) – Boston, Summer 2016
This summer, I spent 2 months interning in the Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren in Boston, Massachusetts. Having a personal insight into the workings of American politics during possibly the weirdest election year on record and getting to work for Elizabeth Warren, one of the feistiest and most determined women in politics, was a fascinating and highly rewarding experience...Read more

Georgie Holiday – Summer camp, Massachusetts, 2016
This summer I spent seven weeks in Massachusetts, working with 6th and 7th graders on a summer camp called EXPLO, based at Wheaton College in Norton, around 40 minutes outside of Boston. My role was made up of two parts. Firstly, I was the lead teacher of EXPLO Vet Focus, a course run for children who were interested in a career in veterinary science or animal care...Read more

Ellie De (Law) – Austin, Texas internship, Summer 2015
I spent two months interning with the Texas Defender Service (TDS). TDS promotes a fair and equal criminal justice system by providing a better quality of representation to individuals facing the death penalty as well as by pushing for reform of the deeply flawed system...Read more

Robert Oldham (English) - New York, Summer 2014
I stayed in New York for seven weeks, working as a production assistant for the Brooklyn Rail, a local arts magazine and not-for-profit publication, based in Brooklyn. The people and the workspace were fantastic, and I was immediately made to feel at home there...Read more

Aurora Roelofs (HSPS) - USA, Summer 2014
I travelled around the United States for a month this summer and stayed in a variety of places, including volunteering on one small community in Missouri and an organic smallhold in North Carolina. This experience allowed me to gain insight into a variety of issues that drew upon my study of social anthropology ...Read more

Adam Barker (Natural Sciences) - Cambridge University Golf Club Tour, USA, Summer 2014
For three weeks I travelled around the USA as part of the Cambridge University Golf Club tour. We spent eight days around New York before travelling to California where, we spent the remainder of the trip working our way down the coast towards San Diego... Read more

Annie Back (Archaeology & Anthropology) – Summer 2013
This summer I interned at MMGY Global, the largest and most integrated travel marketing firm in the world. With offices across North America, I was placed in the New York office which dealt with the PR division. Throughout my 2 months there, I gained valuable experience in the PR sector....Read more

Patrick Kirkham – Mapping in Wyoming, Summer 2013
A five week trip to the USA with the primary objective of making a geological map. After arriving in Wyoming, via a flight to Salt Lake City and a coach up, we settled in at Camp Davis, our home for the coming weeks...Read more

Amy Danson - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Summer 2013
In the summer of 2013, I spent the 10 weeks at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) on Long Island, New York, taking part in their Undergraduate Research Program...Read more

Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja – University of Notre Dame, Spring, 2013
From January to the May 2013 I was enrolled in the University of Notre Dame, Indiana as a visiting student. I had the opportunity to go there on an exchange programme...Read more

Phelim Brady (Politics Psychology & Sociology) – Washington, Philadelphia, New York 2012
Early in 2012, I wrote to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in several states, asking if they would have a foreigner volunteer for them. The positive reply from one state, the swing state of Virginia, was almost immediate and I organised to spend four weeks....Read more

Jonathan Bronitsky (Ph.D. History) – USA, January 2012
In Washington, DC, I worked in various buildings at the Library of Congress.  First, I scrutinized a handful of rare socialist publications dating from the interwar period that are, only available at the Library.

Hilary Davidson (Law) - Washington DC, Summer 2012
This summer I had the privilege of spending a four weeks internship at the United States House of Representatives in Washington D.C. ...Read more

Henri Decœur  (Law PhD) – Harvard Law School, Lent Term 2013
I spent three months at Harvard Law School in the framework of a doctoral exchange programme to carry out research for my thesis on state organised crime....Read more

Peter Hatfield (Astrophysics) – Caltech, Summer 2012
I am a current Part III Astrophysics student, who took the Mathematics Tripos for my first three years in Pembroke. Over the summer I undertook a research project in the Behavioural Biology department at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)....Read more

Jessica Johnson (Social Anthropology) - Rutgers, New Jersey, September – December 2011
The visit to Rutgers was extremely fruitful, enabling me to build strong links with a number of prominent anthropologists in my field, as well as fellow graduate students. I participated in events in the anthropology department and the Centre for African Studies...Read more

Andrew Percival (Architecture) - Chicago and New York, 2012
The visit to the States allowed me to experience a culture and a form of architecture I have never seen before. My interest started during one of the lecture courses where Chicago’s position as the original skyscraper city was put forward to me. Going to Chicago allowed me to...Read more

Sidney Richards (Law PhD) - Berkeley, California, 2012
Thanks to a generous grant from Pembroke, I had the opportunity to spend January to May 2012 as a visiting student researcher at the Center for the Study of Law and Society,  a research institute within the Law School of the University of California at Berkeley...Read more

Alex Ritter (PhD Medicine) - Woods Hole, MA, Summer 2012
Through June to July 2012 I had the good fortune of attending the Physiology course held by the Marine Biological Laboratories in Woods Hole, MA, which is one of the longest running biology courses in the world...Read more

Megan Young (Law) - Houston, Texas, Summer 2012
I spent 2 months with the Texas Defender Service’s Houston office, and it was an unforgettable experience.  TDS is a non-profit law firm with offices in Austin and Houston, and interns from Cambridge have been sent to Austin for a number of years.....Read more